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  • Hormone-regulated expansins: Expression, localization, and cell wall biomechanics in Arabidopsis root growth

    Authors: Marketa Samalova, Alesia Melnikava, Kareem Elsayad, Alexis Peaucelle, Evelina Gahurova, Jaromir Gumulec, Ioannis Spyroglou, Elena V Zemlyanskaya, Elena V Ubogoeva, Darina Balkova, Martin Demko, Nicolas Blavet, Panagiotis Alexiou, Vladimir Benes, Gregory Mouille, Jan Hejatko, 2023

    Published in: Plant physiology

    Tags: Plant cell wall, cell wall density

  • Fluoro-labelled sp2-iminoglycolipids with immunomodulatory properties

    Authors: M. Carmen Padilla-Perez; Elena M. Sanchez-Fernandez; Aday Gonzalez-Bakker; Adrian Puerta; Jose M. Padron; Francisco Martín-Loro; Ana I. Arroba; José Manuel Garcia Fernandez; Carmen Ortiz Mellet, 2023

    Published in: European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

    Tags: Cell death, cytotoxicity, apoptosis, necrosis, EVE analytics, dry mass, cancer, oncology

  • Bioengineered Bacteriophage-Like Nanoparticles as RNAi Therapeutics to Enhance Radiotherapy against Glioblastomas

    Authors: Hao-Han Pang, Chiung-Yin Huang, Pin-Yuan Chen, Nan-Si Li, Ying-Pei Hsu, Jan-Kai Wu, Hsiu-Fang Fan, Kuo-Chen Wei, Hung-Wei Yang, 2023

    Published in: ACS Nano

    Tags: Glioblastoma, fluorescence, RNA silencing, gene therapy, drug discovery, endocytosis

  • An OMA1 redox site controls mitochondrial homeostasis, sarcoma growth, and immunogenicity

    Authors: Richard Miallot, Virginie Millet, Yann Groult, Angelika Modelska, Lydie Crescence, Sandrine Roulland, Sandrine Henri, Bernard Malissen, Nicolas Brouilly, Laurence Panicot-Dubois, Renaud Vincentelli, Gerlind Sulzenbacher, Pascal Finetti, Aurélie Dutour, Jean-Yves Blay, François Bertucci, Franck Galland, Philippe Naquet, 2023

    Published in: Life Science Alliance

    Tags: OMA1, ROS, mitochondrial fission, sarcoma, cancer, immunogenicity, cell death, LCDA

  • Vorinostat decrease M2 macrophage polarization through ARID1A6488delG/HDAC6/IL-10 signaling pathway in endometriosis-associated ovarian carcinoma

    Authors: Filipczak N, Li X, Saawant GR, Yalamarty SSK, Luther E, Torchilin VP, 2023

    Published in: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy

    Tags: ovarian carcinoma, macrophage polarization, ARID1A, HDAC6, IL-10 and EAOC, cell death, drug discovery, drug response

  • Multimodal study of CHI3L1 inhibition and its effect on angiogenesis, migration, immune response and refractive index of cellular structures in glioblastoma

    Authors: Rusak, A., Buzalewicz, I., Mrozowska, M., Wiatrak, B., Haczkiewicz-Leśniak, K., Olbromski, M., Kmiecik, A., Krzyżak, E., Pietrowska, A., Moskal, J., Podhorska-Okołów, M., Podbielska, H., & Dzięgiel, P, 2023

    Published in: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy

    Tags: Metastasis, CHI3L1 inhibition, G721-0282, cytoskeleton, migration, actin, U-87 MG, Glioblastoma, Angiogenesis

  • Visualization of Lipid Droplets in the Alveolar Macrophage Cell Line MH-S with Live-cell Imaging by 3D Holotomographic Microscopy (Nanolive)

    Authors: Pérez-Montero, A., Zaragoza, O., Luque, A., Hortelano, S. and Acebo, P., 2023

    Published in: Bio-protocols

    Tags: Protocol, Lipid droplet, Alveolar macrophages, Oleic acid, Metabolism, 3D holotomographic microscopy, Lung pathologies

  • Effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines and cell interactions on cell area and cytoskeleton of rheumatoid arthritis synoviocytes and immune cells

    Authors: Samira Filali, Mélissa Noack, Alain Géloën, Fabrice Pirot and Pierre Miossec, 2023

    Published in: European Journal of Cell Biology

    Tags: Cell morphology, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, cytoskeleton, synoviocytes, cytokines

  • New measurements modalities for multi-parametric, label-free and non-contact detection of biofilm formation on stainless steel and glass surfaces

    Authors: I. Buzalewicz, A. Ulatowska-Jarża, M. Gąsior-Głogowska, M. Wolf-Baca, P. Żyłka, 2023

    Published in: Measurement

    Tags: Scanning Kelvin Probe, Contact Potential Difference, Digital Holographic Tomography, 38 μFTIR, Bacteria, Biofilm

  • Mitochondrial fragmentation and donut formation enhance mitochondrial secretion to promote osteogenesis

    Authors: Suh, J., Kim, N.-K., Shim, W., Lee, S.-H., Kim, H.-J., Moon, E., Sesaki, H., Jang, J. H., Kim, J.-E., & Lee, Y.-S., 2023

    Published in: Cell Metabolism

    Tags: Osteogenesis, mitochondria, mitochondrial fission, osteoblast, mitochondrial-derived vesicles, donut mitochondria, mitochondrial secretion, mitochondrial transplantation, bone