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Discover a list of peer-reviewed scientific publications using Nanolive imaging in the fields of drug discovery, cell metabolism, etc.

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  • Lethal effects of mitochondria via microfluidics

    Authors: Hyueyun Kim, Young-Ho Ahn, Chang Mo Moon, Jihee Lee Kang, Minna Woo, Minsuk Kim, 2022

    Published in: Bioengineering & Translational Medicine

    Tags: Mitochondria, microfluidics, breast tumor, cotton candy, tomographic microscope, refractive index

  • Phenolic Fingerprinting and Bioactivity Profiling of Extracts and Isolated Compounds from Gypothamnium Pinifolium Phil.

    Authors: Barrientos, R. E.; Ibáñez, E.; Puerta, A.; Padrón, J. M.; Paredes, A.; Cifuentes, F.; Romero-Parra, J.; Palacios, J.; Bórquez, J.; Simirgiotis, M. J., 2022

    Published in: Antioxidants

    Tags: Gypothamnium; phenolics; enzyme inhibition; native plants; antioxidant; coumarins; terpenes; hypotensive effects; HeLa; LCDA

  • Bacteriophage Cocktails in the Post-COVID Rehabilitation

    Authors: Zurabov, F. M.; Chernevskaya, E. A.; Beloborodova, N. V.; Zurabov, A. Y.; Petrova, M. V.; Yadgarov, M. Y.; Popova, V. M.; Fatuev, O. E.; Zakharchenko, V. E.; Gurkova, M. M.; Sorokina, E. A.; Glazunov, E. A.; Kochetova, T. A.; Uskevich, V. V.; Kuzovlev, A. N.; Grechko, A. V., 2022

    Published in: Viruses

    Tags: bacteriophages; biofilms; phage cocktail; phage therapy; gut dysbiosis; microbiome; microbiota; Klebsiella pneumoniae; 3D Cell Explorer; rehabilitation; COVID-19

  • 1,5-disubstituted-1,2,3-triazoles counteract mitochondrial dysfunction acting on F1FO-ATPase in models of cardiovascular diseases

    Authors: Algieri, C.; Bernardini, C.; Marchi, S.; Forte, M.; Tallarida, M. A.; Bianchi, F.; La Mantia, D.; Algieri, V.; Stanzione, R.; Cotugno, M.; Costanzo, P.; Trombetti, F.; Maiuolo, L.; Forni, M.; De Nino, A.; Di Nonno, F.; Sciarretta, S.; Volpe, M.; Rubattu, S.; Nesci, S., 2022

    Published in: Pharmacological Research

    Tags: Mitochondria, metabolism, membrane potential, cardiology, cardiovascular disease, drug development

  • NETome: A model to Decode the Human Genome and Proteome of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps

    Authors: David Scieszka, Yi-Han Lin, Weizhong Li, Saibyasachi Choudhury, Yanbao Yu & Marcelo Freire, 2022

    Published in: Scientific Data

    Tags: NETs, neutrophils, extracellular DNA, genomics, proteomics, NETOME, inflammation, infection, antimicrobial

  • Both ANT and ATPase are essential for mitochondrial permeability transition but not depolarization

    Authors: M.A. Neginskaya, S.E. Morris, E.V. Pavlov, 2022

    Published in: iScience

    Tags: Mitochondria, metabolism, membrane permeability

  • Quantitative Phase Imaging Detecting the Hypoxia-Induced Patterns in Healthy and Neoplastic Human Colonic Epithelial Cells

    Authors: Igor Buzalewicz, Monika Mrozowska, Alicja Kmiecik, Michał Kulus, Katarzyna Haczkiewicz-Leśniak, Piotr Dzięgiel, Marzenna Podhorska-Okołów, Łukasz Zadka, 2022

    Published in: Cells

    Tags: Colorectal cancer, circulating tumor cells, digital holotomography, hypoxia, phenotyping

  • Particulate matter promotes cancer metastasis through increased HBEGF expression in macrophages

    Authors: Seung-Ho Park, Sung-Jin Yoon, Song Choi, Jaeeun Jung, Jun-Young Park, Young-Ho Park, Jinho Seo, Jungwoon Lee,Moo-Seung Lee, Seon-Jin Lee, Mi-Young Son, Young-Lai Cho, Jang-Seong Kim, Hyo Jin Lee, Jinyoung Jeong, Dae-Soo Kim, Young-Jun Park, 2022

    Published in: Experimental & Molecular Medicine

    Tags: Metastasis; monocytes; macrophages

  • Label-free detection of leukemic myeloblasts in hyaluronic acid

    Authors: Suhyun Park, Hyueyun Kim, Minna Woo, Minsuk Kim, 2022

    Published in: Journal of Biological Engineering

    Tags: leukemic myeloblasts, PBMCs, microfluidics, motion microscopy, immunooncology

  • Shrimp miR‑965 transfers tumoricidal mitochondria

    Authors: Hyueyun Kim, Ji Ha Choi, Chang Mo Moon, Jihee Lee Kang, Minna Woo, Minsuk Kim, 2022

    Published in: Biological Procedures Online

    Tags: mitochondria, microfluidics, tunneling nanotube, breast tumor, cotton candy, tomographic microscope, refractive index