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Peer-reviewed research using Nanolive imaging

Discover a list of peer-reviewed scientific publications using Nanolive imaging in the fields of drug discovery, cell metabolism, etc.

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  • Facile preparation of full-color emissive carbon dots and their applications in imaging of the adhesion of erythrocytes to endothelial cells

    Authors: Zhiqiang Lai, Xiaojuan Yang ,Aiqun Li, Youyi Qiu, Jiye Cai  and  PeiHui Yang 

    DOI:, 2017

    Published in: Journal of Materials Chemistry B

    Tags: Full-color emissive, carbon dots, adhesion, erythrocytes, endothelial cells, F-CD, CD, single cell characterization

  • The selexipag active metabolite ACT-333679 displays strong anti-contractile and anti- remodeling effects, but low β-arrestin recruitment and desensitization potential

    Authors: Gatfield J., Menyhart K., Wanner D., Gnerre C., Monnier L., Morrison K., Hess P., Iglarz M., Clozel M. and Nayler O

    DOI:, 2017

    Published in: The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

    Tags: Single cell characterization, drug discovery, mitochondria and cell metabolism, Prostacyclin, PGI2, receptor, pulmonary arterial hypertension, PAH, cAMP, vasoconstriction, PASMC, extracellular matrix, Selexipag, Uptravi, cell proliferation, agonism, iloprost, beraprost, treprostinil, b-arrestin, internalization, baised agonism, cardiovascular drugs, G protein coupled signaling, receptor desensitization

  • Live Single-cell Mass Spectrometry with Spatial Quantitation by Three-Dimensional Holographic and Tomographic Laser Microscopy

    Authors: Ali A, Abouleila Y, Amer S, Furushima R, Emara S, Equis S, Cotte Y, Masujima T, 2016

    Published in: Analytical Sciences

    Tags: Single cell characterization, quantitative, live-single cell, mass, spectrometry, analysis