Multi-Use Platform

Versatile, accurate & robust for your live cell imaging experiments

Accuracy and robustness

  • XY manual stage with large knobs for good handling and positioning of the sample in the field-of view with no backlash and no drift
  • Focusing screw enables ultra-fine and smooth adjustment with a sensitivity of approximately 0.28 um. The travel range is of 25 mm in the X direction and 85 mm in the Y direction
  • Maximum load capacity of the platform is 2 kg


  • Designed to receive your samples either directly in a sample interface made for 35 mm dishes and standard microscope slides or within a top-stage incubation chamber 
  • For maximum stability, both sample interface and incubation chamber are equipped with magnets and are steadily maintained in position 
  • Large breadboard of 152 x 268 mm around the central 128 x 86 mm opening, featuring M6-threaded holes in the standard 25 mm offset hole pattern, offers all the liberty you need to carry out your experiments requiring additional accessories like micro-manipulators, micro-fluidics plates, etc.