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  • Intracellular Quantification and Localization of Label-Free Iron Oxide Nanoparticles by Holotomographic Microscopy

    Authors: Ralf P Friedrich, Eveline Schreiber, Rainer Tietze, Hai Yang, Christian Pilarsky, Christoph Alexiou, 2020

    Published in: Nanotechnology, Science and Applications

    Tags: superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles; cellular SPION uptake; cytotoxicity; flow cytometry; atomic emission spectroscopy

  • Bioenergetics Consequences of Mitochondrial Transplantation in Cardiomyocytes

    Authors: Paria Ali Pour, M. Cristina Kenney and Arash Kheradvar

    DOI:, 2020

    Published in: Journal of the American Heart Association

    Tags: Mitochondria and cell metabolism, mitochondrial transplantation, cardiac patients, cardiology, ATP, non-autologous, acute stress

  • Specialized cytonemes induce self-organization of stem cells

    Authors: Sergi Junyent, Clare L. Garcin, James L. A. Szczerkowski, Tung-Jui Trieu, Joshua Reeves, Shukry J. Habib

    DOI:, 2020

    Published: National Academy of Sciences

    Tags: Stem cells, development, cell signaling, tissue formation, cell–cell communication, embryogenesis, Wnt

  • A Gain-Of-Function RAC2 Mutation Is Associated With Bone-Marrow Hypoplasia And An Autosomal Dominant Form Of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

    Authors: Chantal Lagresle-Peyrou, Aurélien Olichon, Hanem Sadek, Philippe Roche, Claudine Tardy, Cindy Da Silva, Alexandrine Garrigue, Alain Fischer, Despina Moshous, Yves Collette, Capucine Picard, Jean Laurent Casanova, Isabelle André, Marina Cavazzana

    DOI:, 2020

    Published in: Haematologica

    Tags: Immunology, severe combined immunodeficiencies, SCIDs, T cells, B cells, leukopenia, RAC2 gene, p.G12R, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, stem cell, gain of function

  • Image-based analysis of living mammalian cells using label-free 3D refractive index maps reveals new organelle dynamics and dry mass flux

    Authors: Patrick A. Sandoz, Christopher Tremblay, F. Gisou van der Goot, Mathieu Frechin 

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: PLOS Biology

    Tags: Single cell characterization, stem cells, lipid droplets, mitochondria, endocytosis, endocytic structures, cell division, spinning, nuclear rotation

  • Toxoplasma gondii-induced host cellular cell cycle dysregulation is linked to chromosome missegregation and cytokinesis failure in primary endothelial host cells

    Authors: Velásquez ZD, Conejeros , Larrazabal C , Kerner K, Hermosilla C, Taubert A.

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: Scientific Reports

    Tags: Host-pathogen interaction, single cell characterization, Microbiology and biofilms, toxoplasma gondii, zoonotic, intracellular, parasite, lysis, cell cylce, cell division, entothelial cells, multi-nucleation, cyclin B1, chromosome, mitotic spindle, cytokinesis, Aurora B, chromosome segregation, cytokinesis