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Discover a list of peer-reviewed scientific publications using Nanolive imaging in the fields of drug discovery, cell metabolism, etc.

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  • Coumarins-lipophilic cations conjugates: Efficient mitocans targeting carbonic anhydrases

    Authors: Alma Fuentes-Aguilar, Aday González-Bakker, Mirna Jovanović, Sofija Jovanović Stojanov, Adrián Puerta, Adriana Gargano, Jelena Dinić, José L. Vega-Báez, Penélope Merino-Montiel, Sara Montiel-Smith, Stefano Alcaro, Alessio Nocentini, Milica Pešić, Claudiu T. Supuran, José M. Padrón, José G. Fernández-Bolaños, Óscar López, 2024

    Published in: Inorganic Chemistry

    Tags: Drug mechanism of action, drug development, cytostatic effect, cell death, apoptosis, dry mass, granularity

  • Oncolytic Peptide-Nanoplatform Drives Oncoimmune Response and Reverses Adenosine-Induced Immunosuppressive Tumor Microenvironment

    Authors: Ye Wu, Jia-Yi Lin, Yu-Dong Zhou, Hai-Jun Liu, Sheng-Xin Lu, Xiao-Kun Zhang, Ying-YunGuan, Dale G. Nagle, Wei-Dong Zhang*, Hong-Zhuan Chen*, and Xin Luan, 2024

    Published in: Advanced Healthcare Materials

    Tags: Immunotherapy, immunogenic cell death, oncolytic peptide, adenosine triphosphate, adenosine, A2AR inhibitor, drug delivery, lipid-coated micelle, cell lysis

  • Synergistic Effect of Ferroptosis-Inducing Nanoparticles and X-Ray Irradiation Combination Therapy

    Authors: Chaewon Bae, Rodrigo Hernández Millares, Suhyun Ryu, Hyowon Moon, Dongwoo Kim, Gyubok Lee, Zhuomin Jiang, Min Hee Park, Kyung Hwan Kim, Woong Sub Koom, Sung-Joon Ye, Kangwon Lee, 2024

    Published in: Nano Micro Small

    Tags: Ferroptosis, nanoparticles, cancer

  • Comparison of holotomographic microscopy and coherence-controlled holographic microscopy

    Authors: Vera Chvalova, Tomas Vomastek, Tomas Grousl, 2024

    Published in: Journal of Microscopy

    Tags: coherence-controlled holographic imaging/microscopy, dry mass content, holotomography, MDCK, quantitative phase imaging/microscopy, Rat2, single-cell segmentation

  • Digital holo-tomographic 3D maps of COVID-19 microclots in blood to assess disease severity

    Authors: Talia Bergaglio, Olena Synhaivska, Peter Niraj Nirmalraj, 2024

    Published in: Chemical and Biomedical Imaging

    Tags: Mitochondria; reactive oxygen species; TLR3 signaling; bronchial epithelial cells; viral infection

  • Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species in TRIF-Dependent Toll-like Receptor 3 Signaling in Bronchial Epithelial Cells against Viral Infection

    Authors: Ga Eul Chu, Jun Young Park, Chan Ho Park and Won Gil Cho, 2023

    Published in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences

    Tags: Mitochondria; reactive oxygen species; TLR3 signaling; bronchial epithelial cells;viral infection

  • Cryptosporidium parvum-induced neutrophil extracellular traps in neonatal calves is a stage-independent process

    Authors: Magdalena Grabbe, Iván Conejeros, Zahady D. Velásquez, Seyed Sajjad Hasheminasab, Faustin Kamena, Axel Wehrend, Ulrich Gärtner, Anja Taubert and Carlos Rodrigo Hermosilla, 2023

    Published in: Frontiers in Veterinary Science

    Tags: Calves, Cryptosporidium parvum, neonates, NETosis, polymorphonuclear neutrophils

  • Thiosemicarbazone Copper Chelator BLT-1 Blocks Apicomplexan Parasite Replication by Selective Inhibition of Scavenger Receptor B Type 1 (SR-BI)

    Authors: Mar Eroles, Javier Lopez-Alonso, Alexandre Ortega, Thomas Boudier, Khaldoun Gharzeddine, Frank Lafont, Clemens M Franz, Arnaud Millet, Claire Valotteau and Felix Rico, 2023

    Published in: Nanoscale

    Tags: Macrophage classification; cell volume; differentiation; adhesion; compactness

  • Mitochondrial DNA breaks activate an integrated stress response to reestablish homeostasis

    Authors: Yi Fu, Olivia Sacco, Emily DeBitetto,Evgeny Kanshin, Beatrix Ueberheide, Agnel Sfei, 2023

    Published in: Molecular Cell

    Tags: Integrated stress response; mitochondrial DNA double strand breaks

  • Manganese(II) ions suppress the transcription of the citrate exporter encoding gene cexA in Aspergillus niger

    Authors: Aline Reinfurt, Susanne Fritsche , Vivien Bíró, Alexandra Márton, Valeria Ellena, Erzsébet Fekete, Erzsébet Sándor, Levente Karaffa and Matthias G. Steiger, 2023

    Published in: Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

    Tags: Aspergillus niger, fungi, hyphae