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LIVE Cytotoxicity Assay

Nanolive Launches Cutting-Edge Demo Center in San Francisco


November 17th, 2023

LIVE Cytotoxicity Assay

Introducing Nanolive’s LIVE Cytotoxicity Assay: Revolutionizing Cell Health Profiling with Unprecedented Precision


November 11th, 2023

96well screen and 96focus CX

Nanolive Appoints Line Stigen Raquet as New Chief Commercial Officer.


July 4th, 2023

96well screen and 96focus CX

Nanolive Launches the 3D Cell Explorer 96focus: A Game-Changing Solution for Label-Free phenotypic screening and analysis


June 5th, 2023

Jonathan Day

Nanolive Revolutionizing Mitochondrial Therapy Research in Japan: “Seeing is Believing”


February 21st, 2023

Jonathan Day

Nanolive’s expansion in the USA: Jonathan Day appointed as General Manager


October 6th, 2022

Board members Nanolive

Dr. Deborah Birx and Victoria Wang join Nanolive SA’s Board of Directors


September 20th, 2022

Corporate office Nanolive Tolochenaz_small

Nanolive SA Announces Initial Closing of Series C-1 Round


April 4th, 2022

T cells cancer cells segmentation

A Revolution for Immunotherapy Research: The Live T Cell Assay


September 28th, 2021

EVE Analytics and graphs

Nanolive presents EVE Analytics: A Complete Solution For Automated, Quantitative, Label-Free Live Cell Imaging and Analysis


March 16th, 2021

Reprogrammed T-cells killing cancer cells go viral!


February 11th, 2019

Novel label-free long-term imaging of Mitochondria in 3D enables breakthrough discovery


April 17th, 2018

Breakthrough 3D live cell imaging technology changes the future of stem cell research



April 17th, 2018

The Chief Technology Officer of the Year Europe 2017 announced


October 26th, 2017

Nanolive launches the 3D Cell Explorer-fluo: the first holo-tomographic fluorescent microscope in the world


March 22th, 2017

Nanolive launches the 3D Cell Explorer at ASCB 2015 in San Diego


March 9th,  2015

Financing Report

December 1st,  2014

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