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  • Molecular profiling of the intestinal mucosa and immune cells of the colon by multi‑parametric histological techniques

    Authors: Łukasz Zadka; Karolina Chrabaszcz; Igor Buzalewicz; Ewelina Wiercigroch; Natalia Glatzel‑Plucińska; Łukasz Szleszkowski; Agnieszka Gomułkiewicz; Aleksandra Piotrowska; Krzysztof Kurnol; Piotr Dzięgiel; Tomasz Jurek; Kamilla Malek, 2021

    Published in: Scientific Reports

    Tags: Immunity; CD4+; inflammation; post-mortem interval; tissue fixation

  • Caspase‑8 deficiency induces a switch from TLR3 induced apoptosis to lysosomal cell death in neuroblastoma

    Authors: Marie‑Anaïs Locquet; Gabriel Ichim; Joseph Bisaccia; Aurelie Dutour; Serge Lebecque; Marie Castets; Kathrin Weber, 2021

    Published in: Scientific Reports

    Tags: Extrinsic apoptosis; Caspase-8; Lysosomal permeabilization; programmed cell death

  • Bacteria Single-Cell and Photosensitizer Interaction Revealed by Quantitative Phase Imaging

    Authors: Igor Buzalewicz; Agnieszka Ulatowska-Jarża; Aleksandra Kaczorowska; Marlena Gąsior-Głogowska; Halina Podbielska; Magdalena Karwańska; Alina Wieliczko; Anna K. Matczuk; Katarzyna Kowal; Marta Kopaczyńska, 2021

    Published in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences

    Tags: digital holographic tomography; photodynamic inactivation; single-cell bacteria

  • AQP3 Increases Intercellular Cohesion in NSCLC A549 Cell Spheroids through Exploratory Cell Protrusions

    Authors: Sol Min; Chungyoul Choe; Sangho Roh, 2021

    Published in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences

    Tags: AQP3; aggregation; collective metastasis; NSCLC; lung cancer

  • Butyrate modulates adipose-derived stem cells isolated from polygenic obese and diabetic mice to drive enhanced immunosuppression

    Authors: Wan-Tseng Hsu; Wei-Jan Huang; Bor-Luen Chiang; Ping-Huei Tseng, 2021

    Published in: ISCT Cytotherapy

    Tags: adipose-derived stem cells; amphiregulin; butyrate; immunomodulation; inducible nitric oxide synthase; metaflammation

  • Stapled Wasp Venom-Derived Oncolytic Peptides with Side Chains Induce Rapid Membrane Lysis and Prolonged Immune Responses in Melanoma

    Authors: Ye Wu; Dong Lu; Yixin Jiang; Jinmei Jin; Sanhong Liu; Lili Chen; Hong Zhang; Yudong Zhou; Hongzhuan Chen; Dale G. Nagle; Xin Luan; Weidong Zhang, 2021

    Published in: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

    Tags: Immunogenic cell death; cytotoxic; peptide stapling; membrane disruption; breast cancer

  • Application of digital holographic tomography in antitumor effect of cantharides complex on 4T1 breast cancer cells

    Authors: Chen-Wen Lu; Andrey V. Belashov; Anna A. Zhikhoreva; Irina V. Semenova; Chau-Jern Cheng; Li-Yu Su; Chung-Hsin Wu, 2021

    Published in: Applied Optics

    Tags: Quantitative; Chinese medicine; antitumor; cell death; necrosis; apoptosis

  • SARS-CoV-2 Infection Induces Psoriatic Arthritis Flares and Enthesis Resident Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Type-1 Interferon Inhibition by JAK Antagonism Offer Novel Spondyloarthritis Pathogenesis Insights

    Authors: Qiao Zhou; Jayakumar Vadakekolathu; Abdulla Watad; Kassem Sharif; Tobias Russell; Hannah Rowe; Almas Khan; Peter A. Millner; Peter Loughenbury; Abhay Rao; Robert Dunsmuir; Jake Timothy; Giovanni Damiani; Paolo D. M. Pigatto; Piergiorgio Malagoli; Giuseppe Banfi; Yasser M. El-Sherbiny; Cha, 2021

    Published in: Frontiers in Immunology

    Tags: plasmacytoid dendritic cells, interferon alpha, psoriatic arthritis, COVID-19, enthesis

  • Low biological fluctuation of mitochondrial CpG and non‑CpG methylation at the single‑molecule level

    Authors: Chloe Goldsmith, Jesús Rafael Rodríguez-Aguilera, Ines El-Rifai, Adrien Jarretier, Valérie Hervieu, Victoria Chagoya de Sánchez, Robert Dante, Gabriel Ichim, Hector Hernandez-Vargas, 2021

    Published in: Scientific Reports

    Tags: Nanopore sequencing; DNA methylation; mtDNA; metabolism; hepatocytes; differentiation; oxidative stress; 5mC; long-read sequencing

  • Synthesis of Polymer Brushes Via SI-PET-RAFT for Photodynamic Inactivation of Bacteria

    Authors: Gervase Ng; Peter Judzewitsch; Mingxiao Li; Christian W Pester; Kenward Jung; Cyrille Boyer, 2021

    Published in: Macromolecular Rapid Communications

    Tags: antifouling; photodynamic therapy (PDT); photoinduced electron transfer-reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization (PET-RAFT); singlet oxygen; surface-initiated