Nanolive imaging DIC lids with glass window for μ-Dishes

Nanolive imaging μ-Dishes, 35 mm

DIC lids optimized for use with μ-Dishes, ensuring excellent holotomographic imaging

Tech features

  • Glass lid with low birefringence for long timelapses for long-term acquisition
  • #1.5H (170 μm +/- 5 μm) D 263 M Schott glass
  • Individually packed and sterilized
  • reusable DIC lids
  • DIC Lid for μ-Dishes compatible with the following:
    • 80136 μ-Dish 35 mm, low, polymer coverslip
    • 80137 μ-Dish 35 mm, low glass bottom

Nanolive imaging DIC lids with glass window – Technical Specifications

Diameter lid 35 mm
Diameter hole 21 mm
Diameter glass coverslip 29 mm

Order information

The DIC lids can be ordered as a pack of 10.