LIVE T Cell Assay

A multi-parametric live cell assay to select the best T cell therapies

using patient-derived living cells, non-invasive and label-free

Label-free and automated digital solutions

Revolutionize cell biology with Nanolive's label-free live cell imaging and analysis. Capture dynamic and unbiased live cell data to speed up discovery, development, and therapeutics.

LIVE Cell Death Assay

LIVE T Cell Assay

Smart Lipid Droplet Assay

Nanolive imaging and analysis platforms

Swiss high-precision imaging and analysis platforms that look instantly inside label-free living cells in 3D

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Automated live cell imaging and analysis: a unique walk-away solution for long-term live cell imaging and analysis of single cells and cell populations

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Multimodal Complete Solution: combine high quality non-invasive 4D live cell imaging with fluorescence

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3D Cell Explorer front view


Budget-friendly, easy-to-use, compact solution for high quality non-invasive 4D live cell imaging

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Latest News

Towards a therapy to reduce damage after traumatic brain injury with Nanolive solutions

The Roselli Lab at the University of Ulm have been researching potential avenues to reduce neuronal death after traumatic brain injury, and uncovered a key role for interleukin-13, published in Nature Communications this month (Interleukin-13 and its receptor are synaptic proteins involved in plasticity and neuroprotection)1. They used Nanolive’s live-cell imaging to track changes in the neuron nucleus to quantify cell death and compare the neuroprotective effect of different treatments....

Webinar – The LIVE Cell Death Assay: Drug discovery applications of cell health, stress, death, and recovery analyses

Showcasing our AI-powered digital cytotoxicity and cell viability assay, we demonstrate how Nanolive's high-content live cell imaging can be used to increase confidence in lead candidate selection.In this webinar, we explore the following drug discovery applications of Nanolive's LIVE Cell Death Assay - all completely label-free: Cell Death Drug screening in a 96-well plate Differentiating between necrotic and apoptotic cell death Detecting therapy resistance Cell Health, Stress and Recovery...
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12 new scientific publications featuring Nanolive live cell data solutions

We have 11 new publications featuring Nanolive imaging to round-up the end of 2022, and one to welcome 2023! Find links to all twelve papers on topics from mitochondria, to neutrophils, leukemia, red blood cells, and bacteria below.We really saw an increase in groups using Nanolive to image mitochondria this year, including these 4 papers: Hyueyun Kim et al., ‘Shrimp MiR-965 Transfers Tumoricidal Mitochondria’, Biological Procedures Online, 26 October 2022, read it here A. Neginskaya, S. E....

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