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A solution for unbiased, non-invasive, continuous analysis & quantification in live cell imaging
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Nanolive microscopes

 Swiss high precision microscopes that look instantly inside label-free living cells in 3D

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Automated live cell imaging: a unique walk-away solution for long-term live cell imaging of single cells and cell populations

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Multimodal Complete Solution: combine high quality non-invasive 4D live cell imaging with fluorescence

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Budget-friendly, easy-to-use, compact solution for high quality non-invasive 4D live cell imaging

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Latest News


Investigating the cellular adhesion process in non‐small cell lung cancer cells using Nanolive imaging

Lung cancer: the world's deadliest cancer The World Health Organization (WHO) reports lung cancer as the most common cause of cancer death in 2020. It is estimated to have caused 1.8 million deaths worldwide, 85% of which, were classified as non‐small cell lung cancers (NSCLC). Only 19% of patients diagnosed with NSCLC survive for longer than 5 years. This worryingly low figure reflects the difficulties in diagnosing early stages of lung cancer (~40% of NSCLC diagnoses made are already at...

Feature Client: Dr. Joanna Depciuch from the Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (Krakow, Poland)

Dr. Joanna Depciuch, who runs a lab in the Department of Functional Nanomaterials, based at the Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (Krakow, Poland), is the proud owner of a CX-A. Joanna specializes in the synthesis of nanoparticles (NPs), particularly gold NPs (AuNPs), which hold great potential for a wide range of biomedical applications including diagnostics, drug delivery, and cancer treatment (1,2). Joanna kindly agreed to meet us to explain how she plans on using her...
Idorsia - Differentiation of LUHMES neuronal precursor cells into mature dopaminergic neurons

Phenotypic Screening, Cell Differentiation & Neuronal Networks: Label-free Analytics Driving Drug Discovery

Nanolive have been working in close collaboration with swiss-based biotech firm Idorsia for several years now. Idorsia, who specialize in the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative small molecules, have been testing our automated microscope, the CX-A and our new quantitative software, EVE Analytics. We met with Dr. Urs Lüthi the Associate Director and Deputy Head of high throughput screening (HTS), and Alexandre Peter the Principal Scientific Associate to ask them for...

At Nanolive, we focus on innovative product development at the highest standards to deliver a high precision and quality research device for our international customers.

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