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  • Image-based analysis of living mammalian cells using label-free 3D refractive index maps reveals new organelle dynamics and dry mass flux

    Authors: Patrick A. Sandoz, Christopher Tremblay, F. Gisou van der Goot, Mathieu Frechin 

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: PLOS Biology

    Tags: Single cell characterization, stem cells, lipid droplets, mitochondria, endocytosis, endocytic structures, cell division, spinning, nuclear rotation

  • E-Cigarette Use Increases Susceptibility to Bacterial Infection by Impairment of Human Neutrophil Chemotaxis, Phagocytosis and NET Formation

    Authors: Ross Corriden, Alexander Moshensky, Christine M Bojanowski, Angela Meier, Jason Chien, Ryan K Nelson, Laura E. Crotty Alexander

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: American Journal of Physiology

    Tags: Immunology, single cell characterization, chemotaxis, E-cigarette, human neutrophils, neutrophil extracellular trap, Pseudomonas; reactive oxygen species, sepsis


  • S-Nitrosothiol Plasma-Modified Surfaces for the Prevention of Bacterial Biofilm Formation

    Authors: Zahra Sadrearhami, Rashin Namivandi-Zangeneh, Emily Price, Marta Krasowska, Sameer A Al-Bataineh, Jason Whittle, Edgar H. H. Wong, Anton Blencowe, Cyrille Boyer

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng

    Tags: Microbiology and biofilms, host-pathogen interactions, plasma polymerization, antibacterial coating, biofilm, S-nitrosothiol, surface modification, bacterial infection, infection, nosocomial, gram-negative, Pseudomonas aeruginosa

  • Toxoplasma gondii-induced host cellular cell cycle dysregulation is linked to chromosome missegregation and cytokinesis failure in primary endothelial host cells

    Authors: Velásquez ZD, Conejeros , Larrazabal C , Kerner K, Hermosilla C, Taubert A.

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: Scientific Reports

    Tags: Host-pathogen interaction, single cell characterization, Microbiology and biofilms, toxoplasma gondii, zoonotic, intracellular, parasite, lysis, cell cylce, cell division, entothelial cells, multi-nucleation, cyclin B1, chromosome, mitotic spindle, cytokinesis, Aurora B, chromosome segregation, cytokinesis

  • Beyond the suprachiasmatic nucleus: circadian rhythmicity shapes astrocyte morphology and neuronal function in hippocampal area CA1

    Authors: John P. McCauley, Maurice A. Petroccione, Lianna Y. D’Brant, Gabrielle C. Todd, Nurat Affinnih, Justin J. Wisnoski, Shergil Zahid, Swasti Shree, Alioscka A. Sousa, Rosanna Migliore, Alexey Brazhe, Richard D. Leapman, Alexander Khmaladze, Alexey Semyanov, Michele Migliore and Annalisa Scimemi

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: bioRxiv

    Tags: Neuroscience, single cell characterization, suprachiasmatic nucleus, SCN, hypothalamus, rhythmic activity, memory-dependent, hippocampus, CA1, circadian rhythmicity, synaptic transmission, pyramidal neurons, NMDA receptors, astrocytes

  • Autophagosome accumulation-mediated ATP energy deprivation induced by penfluridol triggers nonapoptotic cell death of lung cancer via activating unfolded protein response

    Authors: Wen-Yueh Hung, Jer-Hwa Chang, Yu Cheng, Guo-Zhou Cheng, Hsiang-Ching Huang, Michael Hsiao, Chi-Li Chung, Wei-Jiunn Lee and Ming-Hsien Chien

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: Cell Death & Disease

    Tags: Drug discovery, immunooncology & oncology, mitochondria and cell metabolism, anticancer, chemotherapy, apoptosis, autophagy, drug discovery, penfluridol, lung cancer, antitumor, non-small-cell lung cancer, NSCLC, orthotopic xenograft model, viability, motility, p38

  • Quantification of changes in cellular morphology during cell necrosis obtained from 3D refractive index distributions

    Authors: D A Gorbenko, A V Belashov, T N Belyaeva, E S Kornilova, I V Semenova and O S Vasyutinskii

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: Journal of Physics

    Tags: Single cell characterization, photodynamic treatment, cellular morphology, apoptosis, necrosis, cell membrane

  • Pleiotropic Effects of Epithelial Mesenchymal Crosstalk on Head and Neck Cancer: EMT and beyond

    Authors: T. B. Steinbichler, D. Savic, D. Dejaco, A. Romani, B. Kofler, I. I. Skvortsova, H. Riechelmann, J. Dudas

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: Cancer Microenvironment

    Tags: Drug discovery, immunooncology & oncology, mitochondria and cell metabolism, epithelial mesenchymal crosstalk, EMC, tumor, tumor stroma, associated fibroblasts, cancer, head and neck cancer, chemotherapy, IL-6, JAK/STAT3/Snail signalling, radiochemotherapy, therapy resistance, conditioned medium

  • Endocytosis-mediated mitochondrial transplantation: Transferring normal human astrocytic mitochondria into glioma cells rescues aerobic respiration and enhances radiosensitivity

    Authors: Chao Sun, Xiongxiong Liu, Bing Wang, Zhenhua Wang, Yang Liu, Cuixia Di, Jing Si, Hongyan Li, Qingfeng Wu, Dan Xu, Ji Li, Gang Li, Yupei Wang, Fang Wang and Hong Zhang

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: Theranostics

    Tags: Drug discovery, Immunooncology & Oncology, Mitochondria and Cell Metabolism, cellular respiration, cancer, glycolysis, mitochondria, mitochondrial dysfunction, apoptosis, radiotheraphy, resistance, glioma, endoytosis, aerobic respiration, Warburg effect, radiosensitivity, astrocytes, NAD, NADH

  • Impact of the Food Additive Titanium Dioxide (E171) on Gut Microbiota-Host Interaction

    Authors: Gabriela Pinget, Jian Tan, Bartlomiej Janac, Nadeem O. Kaakoush, Alexandra Sophie Angelatos, John O’Sullivan6, Yen Chin Koay, Frederic Sierro, Joel Davis, Shiva Kamini Divakarla, Dipesh Khanal, Robert J. Moore, Dragana Stanley, Wojciech Chrzanowski and Laurence Macia

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: frontiers in Nutrition

    Tags: Microbiology and biofilms, host-pathogen interactions, Immunology