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Peer-reviewed research using Nanolive imaging

Discover a list of peer-reviewed scientific publications using Nanolive imaging in the fields of drug discovery, cell metabolism, etc.

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  • P2RY12-Inhibitors Reduce Cancer-Associated Thrombosis and Tumor Growth in Pancreatic Cancers

    Authors: Ana Luisa Palacios-Acedo; Soraya Mezouar; Diane Mège; Lydie Crescence; Christophe Dubois; Laurence Panicot-Dubois, 2021

    Published in: Frontiers in Oncology

    Tags: pancreatic tumors; thrombosis; clopidogrel; aspirin; P2Y12 receptor

  • Artificial Intelligence-Powered Automated Holotomographic Microscopy Enables Label-Free Quantitative Biology

    Authors: Hugo Moreno, Lorenzo Archetti, Emma Gibbin, Alexandre E. Grandchamp, and Mathieu Fréchin, 2021

    Published in: Microscopy Today

    Tags: microscopy; drug research; cell biology; computer vision; artificial intelligence

  • Carbon-based nanomaterials increase reactivity of primary monocytes towards various bacteria and modulate their differentiation into macrophages

    Authors: Tereza Svadlakova; Martina Kolackova; Radka Vankova; Rumeysa Karakale; Andrea Malkova; Pavel Kulich; Frantisek Hubatka; Pavlina Turanek-Knotigova; Irena Kratochvilova; Milan Raska; Jan Krejsek; Jaroslav, 2021

    Published in: Nanomaterials

    Tags: graphene; carbon nanotubes; cytotoxicity; immunomodulation; inflammation; monocytes; phagocytosis

  • Berberine photo‐activation potentiates cytotoxicity in human astrocytoma cells through apoptosis induction

    Authors: Francesca Carriero; Carolina Martinelli; Fabio Gabriele; Giulia Barbieri; Lisa Zanoletti; Gloria Milanesi; Claudio Casali; Alberto Azzalin; Federico Manai; Mayra Paolillo; Sergio Comincini, 2021

    Published in: Journal of Personalized Medicine

    Tags: oxidative stress; phyto-therapy; astrocytoma; glial tumor

  • Label-free quantitative phase imaging reveals spatial heterogeneity of extracellular vesicles in selected colon disorders

    Authors: Łukasz Zadka; Igor Buzalewicz; Agnieszka Ulatowska-Jarża; Agnieszka Rusak; Maria Kochel; Ireneusz Ceremuga; Piotr Dzięgiel, 2021

    Published in: The American Journal of Pathology

    Tags: digital holographic tomography; extracellular vesicles; Evs; colorectal cancer; ulcerative colitis

  • Confined migration promotes cancer metastasis through resistance to anoikis and increased invasiveness

    Authors: Deborah Fanfone; Zhi Chong Wu; Jade Mammi; Kevin Berthenet; David Neves; Kathrin Weber; Andrea Halaburkova; François Virard; Félix Bunel; Hector Hernandez-Vargas; Stephen WG Tait; Ana Hennino; Gabriel Ichim, 2022

    Published in: eLife

    Tags: metastasis; invasion; anoikis; cancer; motility; evasion; resistance

  • Controlled release of hydrogen by implantation of magnesium induces P53-mediated tumor cells apoptosis

    Authors: Rui Zan; Hao Wang; Weijie Cai; Jiahua Ni; Bérengère J. C. Luthringer-Feyerabend; Wenhui Wang; Hongzhou Peng; Weiping Ji; Jun Yan; Jiazeng Xia; Yang Song; Xiaonong Zhang, 2021

    Published in: Bioactive Materials

    Tags: Biodegradable magnesium; hydrogen; tumor apoptosis; underlying mechanism; P53

  • Eimeria bovis macromeront formation induces glycolytic responses and mitochondrial changes in primary host endothelial cells

    Authors: Zahady D. Velásquez; Sara López-Osorio; Sybille Mazurek; Carlos Hermosilla; Anja Taubert, 2021

    Published in: Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology

    Tags: apicomplexan parasites; Eimeria bovis; endothelial cell; senescence; mitochondrial damage; reactive oxygen products

  • Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma-conditioned root dentin promotes attraction and attachment of primary human dental pulp stem cells in real-time ex vivo

    Authors: Yeon-Jee Yoo; Min-Ji Kang; Hiran Perinpanayagam; Joo-Cheol Park; Seung-Ho Baek; Kee-Yeon Kum, 2021

    Published in: Applied Sciences

    Tags: dentin; human dental pulp stem cells; live-cell imaging; MTT assay; non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma; scanning electron microscopy

  • Intracellular detection and localization of nanoparticles by refractive index measurement

    Authors: Alain Géloën; Karyna Isaieva; Mykola Isaiev; Olga Levinson; Emmanuelle Berger; Vladimir Lysenko, 2021

    Published in: Sensors

    Tags: label-free imaging; refractive index; nanoparticle; quantitative image analysis; real-time analysis; single cell analysis; digital holographic microscope