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  • Tumor vessel targeted self-assemble nanoparticles for amplification and prediction of the embolization effect in hepatocellular carcinoma

    Authors: Yaqin Wang, Wenting Shang, Hongshan Zhong, Ting Luo, Meng Niu, Ke Xu, Jie Tian, 2020

    Published in: ACS Nano

    Tags: coagulation cascade; tumor embolism; vessel density; hepatocellular carcinoma; self-assemble; nanoparticle

  • Elevated CLOCK and BMAL1 contribute to the impairment of aerobic glycolysis from astrocytes in Alzheimer’s disease

    Authors: Ik Dong Yoo, Min Woo Park, Hyeon Woo Cha, Sunmi Yoon, Napissara Boonpraman, Sun Shin Yi, Jong-Seok Moon, 2020

    Published in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences

    Tags: CLOCK; BMAL1; aerobic glycolysis; astrocytes; Alzheimer’s disease

  • Variations of intracellular density during the cell cycle arise from tip-growth regulation in fission yeast

    Authors: Pascal D OdermattTeemu P Miettinen Joël Lemière Joon Ho Kang Emrah Bostan Scott R Manalis Kerwyn Casey Huang Fred Chang, 2021

    Published in: eLife

    Tags: cell cycle; dry-mass; cell cycle arrest; osmosis

  • A protocol for revealing oral neutrophil heterogeneity by single-cell immune profiling in human saliva

    Authors: Saibyasachi N. Choudhury, Mark Novotny, Brian D. Aevermann, Steven Lee, Aishwarya Mandava, Yu Qian, Richard H. Scheuermann, Marcelo Freire

    10.21203/rs.3.pex-953/v1, 2020

    Published in: Research Square

    Tags: single-cell, transcriptomics, saliva, neutrophils, heterogeneity

  • Circadian modulation of neurons and astrocytes controls synaptic plasticity in hippocampal area CA1

    Authors: John P. McCauley, Maurice A. Petroccione, Lianna Y. D’Brant, Gabrielle C. Todd, Nurat Affinnih, Justin J. Wisnoski, Shergil Zahid, Swasti Shree, Alioscka A. Sousa, Rose M. De Guzman, Rosanna Migliore, Alexey Brazhe, Richard D. Leapman, Alexander Khmaladze, Alexey Semyanov, Damian G. Zuloaga, Michele Migliore, Annalisa Scimemi, 2020

    Published in: Cell Reports

    Tags: circadian rhythmicity; NMDA receptors; corticosterone; cognitive processing; hippocampal neurons

  • The in vitro toxicity evaluation of halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) in human lung cells

    Authors: Dorota Sawicka, Lidia Zapor, Luiza Chojnacka‑Puchta, Katarzyna Miranowicz‑Dzierzawska, 2020

    Published in: Toxicology Research

    Tags: Cytotoxicity; Halloysite nanotubes; Holo-tomographic microscopy; Lung cells

  • Can bacteriophage endolysins be nebulised for inhalation delivery against Streptococcus pneumoniae?

    Authors: Yuncheng Wang, Dipesh Khanal, Rachel Yoon Kyung Chang, Xiaoran Shang, Hang Yang, Warwick J. Britton, Daniel Nelson, Hak-Kim Chan, 2020

    Published in: International Journal of Pharmaceutics 

    Tags: Nebulisation; Nebuliser; Bacteriophage endolysins; Streptococcus pneumoniae; Respiratory infection; Endolysin delivery; FTIR

  • The first versatile human iPSC‑based model of ectopic virus induction allows new insights in RNA‑virus disease

    Authors: Stefan Peischard, Huyen Tran Ho, Ilaria Piccini, Nathalie Strutz‑Seebohm, Albrecht Röpke, Ivan Liashkovich, Hiteshika Gosain, Bettina Rieger, Karin Klingel, Britta Eggers, Katrin Marcus, Wolfgang A. Linke, Frank Ulrich Müller, Stephan Ludwig, Boris Greber, Karin Busch, and Guiscard Seebohm, 2020

    Published in: Scientific Reports

    Tags: iPS-cell line; viral model system; RNA-virus expression; cardiomyocytes

  • Effects of Glycyrrhizin on Multi-Drug Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa

    Authors: Nicholas J. Carruthers, Sharon A. McClellan, Mallika Somayajulu, Ahalya Pitchaikannu, Denise Bessert, Xudong Peng, Kylie Huitsing, Paul M. Stemmer and Linda D. Hazlett, 2020

    Published in: Pathogens

    Tags: Pseudomonas aeruginosa; glycyrrhizin; multi-drug resistance; proteomics

  • Nano- and microfiber PVB patches as natural oil carriers for atopic skin treatment

    Authors: Zuzanna J Krysiak, Łukasz Kaniuk, Sara Metwally, Piotr K. Szewczyk, Ewa A Sroczyk, Petra Peer, Paulina Lisiecka – Graca, Russell J Bailey, Emiliano Bilotti, and Urszula Stachewicz, 2020

    Published in: American Chemical Society

    Tags: PVB; electrospun fibers; biocompatibility; oil carriers; atopic skin patches