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  • Both ANT and ATPase are essential for mitochondrial permeability transition but not depolarization

    Authors: M.A. Neginskaya, S.E. Morris, E.V. Pavlov, 2022

    Published in: iScience

    Tags: Mitochondria, metabolism, membrane permeability

  • Quantitative Phase Imaging Detecting the Hypoxia-Induced Patterns in Healthy and Neoplastic Human Colonic Epithelial Cells

    Authors: Igor Buzalewicz, Monika Mrozowska, Alicja Kmiecik, Michał Kulus, Katarzyna Haczkiewicz-Leśniak, Piotr Dzięgiel, Marzenna Podhorska-Okołów, Łukasz Zadka, 2022

    Published in: Cells

    Tags: Colorectal cancer, circulating tumor cells, digital holotomography, hypoxia, phenotyping

  • Particulate matter promotes cancer metastasis through increased HBEGF expression in macrophages

    Authors: Seung-Ho Park, Sung-Jin Yoon, Song Choi, Jaeeun Jung, Jun-Young Park, Young-Ho Park, Jinho Seo, Jungwoon Lee,Moo-Seung Lee, Seon-Jin Lee, Mi-Young Son, Young-Lai Cho, Jang-Seong Kim, Hyo Jin Lee, Jinyoung Jeong, Dae-Soo Kim, Young-Jun Park, 2022

    Published in: Experimental & Molecular Medicine

    Tags: Metastasis; monocytes; macrophages

  • Label-free detection of leukemic myeloblasts in hyaluronic acid

    Authors: Suhyun Park, Hyueyun Kim, Minna Woo, Minsuk Kim, 2022

    Published in: Journal of Biological Engineering

    Tags: leukemic myeloblasts, PBMCs, microfluidics, motion microscopy, immunooncology

  • Shrimp miR‑965 transfers tumoricidal mitochondria

    Authors: Hyueyun Kim, Ji Ha Choi, Chang Mo Moon, Jihee Lee Kang, Minna Woo, Minsuk Kim, 2022

    Published in: Biological Procedures Online

    Tags: mitochondria, microfluidics, tunneling nanotube, breast tumor, cotton candy, tomographic microscope, refractive index

  • High-Resolution Spatiotemporal Analysis of Single Serotonergic Axons in an In Vitro System

    Authors: Melissa Hingorani; Adele M.L. Viviani; Jenna E. Sanfilippo; Skirmantas Janušonis, 2022

    Published in: Frontiers in Neuroscience

    Tags: 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT), serotonergic, axon, growth cone, varicosities, development, in vitro, random walk

  • Efficient and safe single-cell cloning of human pluripotent stem cells using the CEPT cocktail

    Authors: Carlos A. Tristan, Hyenjong Hong, Yogita Jethmalani, Yu Chen, Claire Weber, Pei-Hsuan Chu, Seungmi Ryu, Vukasin M. Jovanovic, Inae Hur, Ty C. Voss, Anton Simeonov & Ilyas Singeç, 2022

    Published in: Nature Protocols

    Tags: genetic engineering; stem-cell research

  • Blockade of Platelet CysLT1R Receptor with Zafirlukast Counteracts Platelet Protumoral Action and Prevents Breast Cancer Metastasis to Bone and Lung

    Authors: Lou Saier; Johnny Ribeiro; Thomas Daunizeau; Audrey Houssin; Gabriel Ichim; Caroline Barette;
    Lamia Bouazza; Olivier Peyruchaud, 2022

    Published in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences

    Tags: platelet; metastasis; breast cancer; cysteinyl leukotrienes; CysLT1R; zafirlukast; LTRA; MGST

  • Bioactive potential: a pharmacognostic definition through the screening of four Hypericum species from the Canary Islands

    Authors: Rodney Lacret; Adrián Puerta; Sebastian Granica; Aday González-Bakker; Danela Hevia; Yiling Teng; Candelaria C. Sánchez-Mateo; Pedro Luis Pérez de Paz; José M. Padrón, 2022

    Published in: Molecules

    Tags: Hypericum canariense; Hypericum glandulosum; Hypericum grandifolium; Hypericum reflexum

  • Preparation of a camptothecin analog FLQY2 self‑micelle solid dispersion with improved solubility and bioavailability

    Authors: Yi Wang; Wenchao Wang; Endian Yu; Wenya Zhuang; Xuanrong Sun; Hong Wang; Qingyong Li, 2022

    Published in: Journal of Nanobiotechnology

    Tags: Camptothecin, Soluplus®, Solid dispersion, Micelle, Solubility, Pharmacokinetics, In vivo antitumor activity