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Observe stem cells in 3D over long periods of time at high spatial and temporal resolution with the 3D Cell Explorer
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The only label-free live cell imaging tool that lets you observe stem cells in 3D, over long periods of time at high spatial and temporal resolution and capture dynamic events in unparalleled detail.

Capturing the deposition and early growth of bone that occur during osteogenic differentiation

Here, we use Nanolive’s CX-A to capture the morphological and physiological changes that occur during osteogenic differentiation.

The label-free nature of our technology allowed us to image the process from day 1 to day 13, in a non-perturbed state, and at high temporal resolution (1 image taken every 10 mins using the 5×5 gridscan mode).

MSCs were grown on fibronectin-coated dishes until 100% confluency was reached and then MSC osteogenic differentiation medium (C-28013, PromoCell) was added.

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Stem cells differentiating into neuronal cells

This video shows different stages of the differentiation of umbilical cord matrix human mesenchymal stem cells into neurons.

Human MSCs were grown in low-serum cell growth media in 35 mm dishes pre-coated with fibronectin. Then, neurogenic cell differentiation media was added to the cells, and changes were recorded using Nanolive’s CX-A.

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3D long-term live imaging of stem cells

Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells were imaged for 15 hours; 1 image every 15s. The cells are visibly healthy because they continue to divide during image acquisition.

The cells were imaged with the 3D Cell Explorer.

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Download here our poster “Phototoxicity in live cell imaging: the evil within”.


High resolution imaging of mitosis in stem cells

In this video we can observe mitosis taking place in a living sample of human mesenchymal stem cells in spectacular detail. Cells were kindly provided by Promocell GmbH.

Read our detailed blogpost here.

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Download here our poster “Investigating fine scale dry mass dynamics during mitosis using Nanolive cell imaging” and “Using Nanolive label-free cell imaging to examine nuclear rotation dynamics“.


Scientific Publications

Nanolive label-free live cell imaging has already shed light on many important topics in the field of stem cell research. To get inspired and learn how your research can benefit from our technology, we invite you to check out these scientific articles published by our clients.

Feature Application

Feature application: Stem Cells

In this Feature Application, we show how Nanolive’s technology can be used to: (1) observe MSCs in 3D over long periods of time at high spatial and temporal resolution; (2) capture mitotic division events in MSCs in unparalleled detail; (3) observe the dynamics of stress fiber formation and (4) visualize the morphological changes that occur during stem cell differentiation.

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Webinar 1

Watch our Webinar:
Long-term 3D imaging and quantification of stem cell dynamics


Dr. Mathieu Frechin, Head of Quantitative Biology at Nanolive introduces you to our holotomographic microscopy and its implications in long-term imaging of stem cells. He outlines the advantages that Nanolive’s holotomographic technology has to study sensitive cell lines. In particular, the following topics are being covered:

  • Challenges in live cell imaging of stem cells
  • State of the art of label-free microscopy for stem cells
  • Highlights of our holotomographic approach on stem cell research presenting movies and interesting biological dynamics.
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Webinar 2

Watch our webinar:
Characterization of Stem cell differentiation dynamics with label-free live cell imaging


In this webinar, Dr. Emma Gibbin, Communications Specialist at Nanolive will:

  • discuss the unique challenges that stem cells pose to live cell imaging show how Nanolive’s new microscope, the CX-A, can overcome these difficulties
  • present never-seen-before footage of mesenchymal stem cells undergoing neural differentiation
  • discuss the dramatic phenotypic and morphological changes observed and the opportunities such research could offer


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Video Library

Long Term Live Imaging of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells for 34 hours!

Long Term Live Imaging of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells for 48 hours!

Live FUCCI mESC imaged for over 48 hours

Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell interacting with 3D hydrogel

Mitosis CD34+ Hematopoietic stem cells

Mitosis in Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Label-free live cell imaging of Mesenchymal Stem Cells undergoing mitosis

15 hours continuous imaging mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

Stem cell differentiation

Human stem cells 65h post incubation with neurogenic differentiation medium

Human stem cells incubated with neurogenic differentiation medium

High resolution live footage of the formation and spontaneous release of platelets

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Stem cell differentiation into neuronal cells

hMSC incubated with neurogenic differentiation medium

hMSC incubated with neurogenic differentiation medium

Imaging stress fibers in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

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Stem cell chondrogenic differentiation

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Stress fibers under Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer-fluo

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Living myotubes captured by the Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer

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