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Peer-reviewed research using Nanolive imaging

Discover a list of peer-reviewed scientific publications using Nanolive imaging in the fields of drug discovery, cell metabolism, etc.

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  • Feature Application: Multiparametric cytotoxicity assays

    This Feature Application shows the huge potential that Nanolive imaging holds for the drug discovery process, where cytotoxicity remains one of the major causes of drug withdrawal, and there is an urgent need for reliable and time-saving assay workflows. Our first case study features an in-depth investigation of the dynamics of cell death following exposure to seven cell death stimuli: extreme shifts in external pH, thermal stress, phototoxicity, oxidative stress, Shikonin, Ebastine, and Taxol. Our second case study shows that we can quantify drug-dependent and dose-dependent effects in 96-well plate format.

  • Identification of shared tumor epitopes from endogenous retroviruses inducing high-avidity cytotoxic T cells for cancer immunotherapy

    Authors: Paola Bonaventura; Vincent Alcazer; Virginie Mutez; Laurie Tonon; Juliette Martin; Nicolas Chuvin; Emilie Michel; Rasha E. Boulos; Yann Estornes; Jenny Valladeau-Guilemond; Alain Viari; Qing Wang; Christophe Caux; Stéphane Depil, 2022

    Published in: Science Advances

    Tags: adaptive immunity; Human endogenous retroviruses; cancer vaccine; immunotherapy; solid tumors

  • AlPc/ZnPc-based oncological photodynamic therapy for a selective eradication of leukemic cells from ovarian tissue

    Authors: Saeid Moghassemi; Arezoo Dadashzadeh; Paulo Eduardo Narcizode Souza; Ricardo Bentes Azevedo; Christiani A. Amorim, 2021

    Published in: Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy

    Tags: Photodynamic therapy; cancer therapy; photosensitizer; ovarian transplantation; leukemia; phthalocyanine; photoimmunotherapy

  • P2RY12-Inhibitors Reduce Cancer-Associated Thrombosis and Tumor Growth in Pancreatic Cancers

    Authors: Ana Luisa Palacios-Acedo; Soraya Mezouar; Diane Mège; Lydie Crescence; Christophe Dubois; Laurence Panicot-Dubois, 2021

    Published in: Frontiers in Oncology

    Tags: pancreatic tumors; thrombosis; clopidogrel; aspirin; P2Y12 receptor

  • Berberine photo‐activation potentiates cytotoxicity in human astrocytoma cells through apoptosis induction

    Authors: Francesca Carriero; Carolina Martinelli; Fabio Gabriele; Giulia Barbieri; Lisa Zanoletti; Gloria Milanesi; Claudio Casali; Alberto Azzalin; Federico Manai; Mayra Paolillo; Sergio Comincini, 2021

    Published in: Journal of Personalized Medicine

    Tags: oxidative stress; phyto-therapy; astrocytoma; glial tumor

  • Label-free quantitative phase imaging reveals spatial heterogeneity of extracellular vesicles in selected colon disorders

    Authors: Łukasz Zadka; Igor Buzalewicz; Agnieszka Ulatowska-Jarża; Agnieszka Rusak; Maria Kochel; Ireneusz Ceremuga; Piotr Dzięgiel, 2021

    Published in: The American Journal of Pathology

    Tags: digital holographic tomography; extracellular vesicles; Evs; colorectal cancer; ulcerative colitis

  • Confined migration promotes cancer metastasis through resistance to anoikis and increased invasiveness

    Authors: Deborah Fanfone; Zhi Chong Wu; Jade Mammi; Kevin Berthenet; David Neves; Kathrin Weber; Andrea Halaburkova; François Virard; Félix Bunel; Hector Hernandez-Vargas; Stephen WG Tait; Ana Hennino; Gabriel Ichim, 2022

    Published in: eLife

    Tags: metastasis; invasion; anoikis; cancer; motility; evasion; resistance

  • Controlled release of hydrogen by implantation of magnesium induces P53-mediated tumor cells apoptosis

    Authors: Rui Zan; Hao Wang; Weijie Cai; Jiahua Ni; Bérengère J. C. Luthringer-Feyerabend; Wenhui Wang; Hongzhou Peng; Weiping Ji; Jun Yan; Jiazeng Xia; Yang Song; Xiaonong Zhang, 2021

    Published in: Bioactive Materials

    Tags: Biodegradable magnesium; hydrogen; tumor apoptosis; underlying mechanism; P53

  • Significant difference in response of malignant tumor cells of individual patients to photodynamic treatment as revealed by digital holographic microscopy

    Authors: A.A. Zhikhoreva; A.V. Belashov; A.B. Danilova; N.A. Avdonkina; I.A. Baldueva; M.L. Gelfond; T.L. Nekhaeva; I.V. Semenova; O.S. Vasyutinskii, 2021

    Published in: Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology

    Tags: Digital holographic microscopy; photodynamic treatment; phase images; malignant cells; individual patients

  • Molecular profiling of the intestinal mucosa and immune cells of the colon by multi‑parametric histological techniques

    Authors: Łukasz Zadka; Karolina Chrabaszcz; Igor Buzalewicz; Ewelina Wiercigroch; Natalia Glatzel‑Plucińska; Łukasz Szleszkowski; Agnieszka Gomułkiewicz; Aleksandra Piotrowska; Krzysztof Kurnol; Piotr Dzięgiel; Tomasz Jurek; Kamilla Malek, 2021

    Published in: Scientific Reports

    Tags: Immunity; CD4+; inflammation; post-mortem interval; tissue fixation