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  • Mitochondrial Dynamics in SARS‑COV2 Spike Protein Treated Human Microglia: Implications for Neuro‑COVID

    Authors: Erin Clough; Khoo Ting Chean; Joseph Inigo; Kate E. Tubbesing; Dhyan Chandra; Lee Chaves; Jessica L. Reynolds; Ravikumar Aalinkeel; Stanley A. Schwartz; Alexander Khmaladze; Supriya D. Mahajan, 2021

    Published in: Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology

    Tags: SARS-COV2; Microglia; Neuro-inflammation; Oxidative stress; Mitochondrial dysfunction; Neuro-COVID

  • Mitochondrial Transplantation in Cardiomyocytes: foundation, methods, and outcomes

    Authors: Paria Ali Pour; Sina Hosseinian; Arash Kheradvar, 2021

    Published in: American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology

    Tags: mitochondrial transplantation; mitochondrial transfer, mitochondrial diseases, mitochondrial cardiomyopathy, ischemia reperfusion injury, bioenergetics

  • Low biological fluctuation of mitochondrial CpG and non‑CpG methylation at the single‑molecule level

    Authors: Chloe Goldsmith, Jesús Rafael Rodríguez-Aguilera, Ines El-Rifai, Adrien Jarretier, Valérie Hervieu, Victoria Chagoya de Sánchez, Robert Dante, Gabriel Ichim, Hector Hernandez-Vargas, 2021

    Published in: Scientific Reports

    Tags: Nanopore sequencing; DNA methylation; mtDNA; metabolism; hepatocytes; differentiation; oxidative stress; 5mC; long-read sequencing

  • NOX4 promotes ferroptosis of astrocytes by oxidative stress-induced lipid peroxidation via the impairment of mitochondrial metabolism in Alzheimer’s diseases

    Authors: M.W. Park, H.W. Cha, J. Kim, J.H. Kim, H. Yang, S. Yoon, N. Boonpraman, S.S. Yi, I.D. Yoo, J.-S. Moon, 2021

    Published in: Redox Biology

    Tags: NOX4, Ferroptosis, Mitochondrial metabolism, Oxidative stress, Alzheimer’s disease

  • Biological autoluminescence as a noninvasive monitoring tool for chemical and physical modulation of oxidation in yeast cell culture

    Authors: Martin Bereta, Michal Teplan, Djamel Eddine Chafai, Roman Radil, Michal Cifra, 2021

    Published in: Scientific Reports

    Tags: biological autoluminescence (BAL); Saccharomyces cerevisiae; Fenton reagents; cell metabolism

  • Variations of intracellular density during the cell cycle arise from tip-growth regulation in fission yeast

    Authors: Pascal D OdermattTeemu P Miettinen Joël Lemière Joon Ho Kang Emrah Bostan Scott R Manalis Kerwyn Casey Huang Fred Chang, 2021

    Published in: eLife

    Tags: cell cycle; dry-mass; cell cycle arrest; osmosis

  • Spatiotemporal changes in mechanical matrisome components of the human ovary from prepuberty to menopause

    Authors: E. Ouni, C. Bouzin, M.M. Dolmans, E. Marbaix, S. Pyr dit Ruys, D. Vertommen, C.A. Amorim

    DOI: https://doi:10.1093/humrep/deaa100, 2020

    Published in: Human Reproduction

    Tags: Ovary, extracellular matrix, hormone replacement therapy, CX, aging, fertility preservation, mechanobiology, elastic matrisome, matrisome, collagen, elastin, EMILIN-1, fiblilin-1, glycosaminoglycan, GAGs, folicle, ECM

  • Bicalutamide Elicits Renal Damage by Causing Mitochondrial Dysfunction via ROS Damage and Upregulation of HIF-1

    Authors: Kuan-Chou Chen, Chang-Rong Chen, Chang-Yu Chen, Kai-Yi Tzou, Chiung-Chi Peng, Robert Y. Peng

    DOI:, 2020

    Published in: Anticancer Research

    Tags: Oncology and immunooncology, cell metabolism, CX, PC-3 Pca, bicalutamide, Bic, rat mesangial cell, RMC line, mitochondrial dysfunction, HIF-1, oxygen consumption rate, OCR, mitochondria, pgrostate cancer, Pca, cardiovascular damage, renal damage, lactate cehydrogenase, ROS, lysosome, BCL2, caspase-3

  • The antimicrobial peptide tilapia piscidin 3 induces mitochondria-modulated intrinsic apoptosis of osteosarcoma cells

    Authors: Chien-HanYuan, Yi-LingMa, Po-ChangShih, Chao-TingChen, Shu-YuCheng, Chieh-YuPan, Yen-HsuanJean, Yih-MinChu, Sung-ChunLin, Yu-ChengLai, Hsiao-MeiKuo

    DOI:, 2020

    Published in: Biochemical Pharmacology

    Tags: Immunooncology, oncology, cell metabolism, OS MG63, osteosarcoma, intrinsic apoptosis, TP3, antimicrobial peptide, mitochondria, caspase, blebbing, shrinkage, nuclear fragmentation, chromatin condensation, apoptopodia, ROS, acidification, fission, fusion

  • Feature Application: Cell metabolism

    Authors: Nanolive SA, 2020

    Tags: Cell metabolism, mitochondria, lipid droplets, homeostasis