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  • Autophagosome accumulation-mediated ATP energy deprivation induced by penfluridol triggers nonapoptotic cell death of lung cancer via activating unfolded protein response

    Authors: Wen-Yueh Hung, Jer-Hwa Chang, Yu Cheng, Guo-Zhou Cheng, Hsiang-Ching Huang, Michael Hsiao, Chi-Li Chung, Wei-Jiunn Lee and Ming-Hsien Chien

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: Cell Death & Disease

    Tags: Drug discovery, immunooncology & oncology, mitochondria and cell metabolism, anticancer, chemotherapy, apoptosis, autophagy, drug discovery, penfluridol, lung cancer, antitumor, non-small-cell lung cancer, NSCLC, orthotopic xenograft model, viability, motility, p38

  • Pleiotropic Effects of Epithelial Mesenchymal Crosstalk on Head and Neck Cancer: EMT and beyond

    Authors: T. B. Steinbichler, D. Savic, D. Dejaco, A. Romani, B. Kofler, I. I. Skvortsova, H. Riechelmann, J. Dudas

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: Cancer Microenvironment

    Tags: Drug discovery, immunooncology & oncology, mitochondria and cell metabolism, epithelial mesenchymal crosstalk, EMC, tumor, tumor stroma, associated fibroblasts, cancer, head and neck cancer, chemotherapy, IL-6, JAK/STAT3/Snail signalling, radiochemotherapy, therapy resistance, conditioned medium

  • Endocytosis-mediated mitochondrial transplantation: Transferring normal human astrocytic mitochondria into glioma cells rescues aerobic respiration and enhances radiosensitivity

    Authors: Chao Sun, Xiongxiong Liu, Bing Wang, Zhenhua Wang, Yang Liu, Cuixia Di, Jing Si, Hongyan Li, Qingfeng Wu, Dan Xu, Ji Li, Gang Li, Yupei Wang, Fang Wang and Hong Zhang

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: Theranostics

    Tags: Drug discovery, Immunooncology & Oncology, Mitochondria and Cell Metabolism, cellular respiration, cancer, glycolysis, mitochondria, mitochondrial dysfunction, apoptosis, radiotheraphy, resistance, glioma, endoytosis, aerobic respiration, Warburg effect, radiosensitivity, astrocytes, NAD, NADH

  • Degradation of Mitochondria and Oxidative Stress as the Main Mechanism of Toxicity of Pristine Graphene on U87 Glioblastoma Cells and Tumors and HS-5 Cells

    Authors: Sławomir Jaworski, Barbara Strojny, Ewa Sawosz, Mateusz Wierzbicki, Marta Grodzik, Marta Kutwin, Karolina Daniluk and André Chwalibog

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences

    Tags: Immunooncology and Oncology, Mitochondria and cell metabolism, Neuroscience, graphene, graphene-based nanomaterials, U87 glioma cells, HS-5 cells, chicken embryo chorioallantoic membrane, pristine, ROS, mitochondrial membrane potential, oxidative stress, apoptosis, necrosis

  • Label free 3D analysis of organelles in living cells by refractive index shows pre-mitotic organelle spinning in mammalian stem cells

    Authors: Patrick A Sandoz, Christopher Tremblay, Sebastien Equis, Sorin Pop, Lisa Pollaro, Yann Cotte, Gisou F van der Goot, Mathieu Frechin

    DOI:, 2018

    Published in: bioRxiv

    Tags: Mitochondria and cell metabolism, stem cells, epifluorescence, lipid droplets, mitochondria, endocytosis, organelle spinning

  • Parvalbumin alters mitochondrial dynamics and affects cell morphology

    Authors: Lucia Lichvarova, Thomas Henzi, Dzhamilja Safiulina, Allen Kaasik, Beat Schwaller

    DOI:, 2018

    Published in: Springer Nature

    Tags: Mitochondria and cell metabolism, parvalbumin, pv, mitochondria, calcium, signaling, buffering, sequestration, mitochondrial morphology, mitochondrial volume, mitochondrial dynamics, fusion, fission, mitophagy


  • The selexipag active metabolite ACT-333679 displays strong anti-contractile and anti- remodeling effects, but low β-arrestin recruitment and desensitization potential

    Authors: Gatfield J., Menyhart K., Wanner D., Gnerre C., Monnier L., Morrison K., Hess P., Iglarz M., Clozel M. and Nayler O

    DOI:, 2017

    Published in: The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

    Tags: Single cell characterization, drug discovery, mitochondria and cell metabolism, Prostacyclin, PGI2, receptor, pulmonary arterial hypertension, PAH, cAMP, vasoconstriction, PASMC, extracellular matrix, Selexipag, Uptravi, cell proliferation, agonism, iloprost, beraprost, treprostinil, b-arrestin, internalization, baised agonism, cardiovascular drugs, G protein coupled signaling, receptor desensitization