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  • Variations of intracellular density during the cell cycle arise from tip-growth regulation in fission yeast

    Authors: Pascal D OdermattTeemu P Miettinen Joël Lemière Joon Ho Kang Emrah Bostan Scott R Manalis Kerwyn Casey Huang Fred Chang, 2021

    Published in: eLife

    Tags: cell cycle; dry-mass; cell cycle arrest; osmosis

  • Spatiotemporal changes in mechanical matrisome components of the human ovary from prepuberty to menopause

    Authors: E. Ouni, C. Bouzin, M.M. Dolmans, E. Marbaix, S. Pyr dit Ruys, D. Vertommen, C.A. Amorim

    DOI: https://doi:10.1093/humrep/deaa100, 2020

    Published in: Human Reproduction

    Tags: Ovary, extracellular matrix, hormone replacement therapy, CX, aging, fertility preservation, mechanobiology, elastic matrisome, matrisome, collagen, elastin, EMILIN-1, fiblilin-1, glycosaminoglycan, GAGs, folicle, ECM

  • Bicalutamide Elicits Renal Damage by Causing Mitochondrial Dysfunction via ROS Damage and Upregulation of HIF-1

    Authors: Kuan-Chou Chen, Chang-Rong Chen, Chang-Yu Chen, Kai-Yi Tzou, Chiung-Chi Peng, Robert Y. Peng

    DOI:, 2020

    Published in: Anticancer Research

    Tags: Oncology and immunooncology, cell metabolism, CX, PC-3 Pca, bicalutamide, Bic, rat mesangial cell, RMC line, mitochondrial dysfunction, HIF-1, oxygen consumption rate, OCR, mitochondria, pgrostate cancer, Pca, cardiovascular damage, renal damage, lactate cehydrogenase, ROS, lysosome, BCL2, caspase-3

  • The antimicrobial peptide tilapia piscidin 3 induces mitochondria-modulated intrinsic apoptosis of osteosarcoma cells

    Authors: Chien-HanYuan, Yi-LingMa, Po-ChangShih, Chao-TingChen, Shu-YuCheng, Chieh-YuPan, Yen-HsuanJean, Yih-MinChu, Sung-ChunLin, Yu-ChengLai, Hsiao-MeiKuo

    DOI:, 2020

    Published in: Biochemical Pharmacology

    Tags: Immunooncology, oncology, cell metabolism, OS MG63, osteosarcoma, intrinsic apoptosis, TP3, antimicrobial peptide, mitochondria, caspase, blebbing, shrinkage, nuclear fragmentation, chromatin condensation, apoptopodia, ROS, acidification, fission, fusion

  • Feature Application: Characterizing cell metabolism

    This Feature Application highlights the huge potential of Nanolive cell imaging for metabolic studies. We begin by proving that mitochondria and LDs have specific RI signals that allow them to be identified and mapped, in 3D (case study 1). We show that it is possible to image fission-fusion dynamics in mitochondria (case study 2), induce and detect mitochondrial dysfunction (case study 3) and then restore mitochondrial function by the addition of a specific drug (case study 4). Finally, we show that it is possible to quantify LD dynamics in unperturbed (case study 5) and drug-perturbed conditions (case study 6).

  • Bioenergetics Consequences of Mitochondrial Transplantation in Cardiomyocytes

    Authors: Paria Ali Pour, M. Cristina Kenney and Arash Kheradvar

    DOI:, 2020

    Published in: Journal of the American Heart Association

    Tags: Mitochondria and cell metabolism, mitochondrial transplantation, cardiac patients, cardiology, ATP, non-autologous, acute stress

  • Advancing methods for the analysis of glioblastoma cell motion using quantitative time lapse holographic imaging and cellular tomography

    Authors: Ed Luther, Livia Mendes, Nina Filiczak, Aditi Jhaveri, Lara Milane, Vladimir Torchilin

    DOI:, 2019

    Published in: Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers

    Tags: Neuroscience, Immunooncology & Oncology, mitochondria and cell metabolism, glioblastoma, motility, mitochondria, fission, fusion, nanotubes, spheroids

  • Enhancement of the biological autoluminescence by mito-liposomal gold nanoparticle nanocarriers

    Authors: Hadi Sardarabadi, Djamel Eddine Chafai, Fatemeh Gheybi, Pezhman Sasanpour, Hashem Rafii-Tabar, Michal Cifra

    DOI:, 2020

    Published in: Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology

    Tags: Mitochondria and cell metabolism, drug discovery, immunooncology & oncology, nanocarrier, mitochondria, biological autoluminescence, BAL, ROS, reactive oxygen species, liposome, gold nanoparticle

  • PGRMC1 phosphorylation affects cell shape, motility, glycolysis, mitochondrial form and function, and tumor growth

    Authors: Bashar M. Thejer, Partho P. Adhikary, Amandeep Kaur et al.

    DOI:, 2020

    Published in: BMC Molecular and Cell Biology

    Tags: Immunooncology & oncology, mitochondria and cell metabolism, single cell characterization, mitochondria, migration, invasion, metabolism, cytochrome P450, mesenchymal amoeboid transition, proteomics, tumor biology, progesterone receptor membrane component 1, PGRMC1, cancer, energy metabolism, mitochondrial function

  • Impaired Glycolysis Promotes Alcohol Exposure-Induced Apoptosis in HEI-OC1 Cells via Inhibition of EGFR Signaling

    Authors: Hyunsook Kang, Seong Jun Choi, Kye Hoon Park, Chi-Kyou Lee, and Jong-Seok Moon

    DOI: 10.3390/ijms21020476, 2020

    Published in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences

    Tags: Neuroscience, single cell characterization, mitochondria and cell metabolism, glycolysis, EGFR signaling, apoptosis, alcohol, HEI-OC1 cells, glucose metabolism, glucose, auditory sytem, apoptosis, hexokinase 1, HK1, AKT phosphorylation