The CX-A

Automated, non-invasive live cell imaging and analysis platform to accelerate biopharma R&D
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CX-A with 96-WP from Nanolive

CX-A automated microscope with 96-well plate

Video: CX-A product video

Nanolive’s automated imaging and analysis platform

The CX-A

Nanolive’s imaging and analysis platform – the CX-A – is the only solution in the world to offer automated 3D label-free live cell imaging that is compatible with 96-well plates.

  • Non-invasive autofocus solution: keeps cells in focus for the time of the experiment
  • Integrated image analysis solution with multi-parametric read-out
  • Long-term imaging of living cells with no perturbations and no contamination in physiological conditions thanks to our dedicated incubation solution. More details here.
  • High quality motorized stage with a micron range precision repeatability of motion
  • Stitching feature: allows to analyze highly confluent cell populations containing hundreds of cells while keeping Nanolive’s signature sub-cellular resolution
  • Meaningful correlative imaging: features a fully integrated 3 channel epifluorescence imaging modality

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Quantification Software: EVE Analytics

A solution for unbiased, non-invasive, continuous analysis & quantification in live cell imaging

Video: EVE Analytics product video

Continuous, multiplexed live cell data, multi-parametric readout

EVE Analytics

EVE Analytics’ user-friendly interface offers a segmentation and analysis solution specific to Nanolive’s content rich data which can deliver meaningful metrics with the highest biological relevance.

Works over long-term experiments where cell confluency changes significantly with no reduction in quality and automatically calculates and delivers numerous live cell metrics in parallel such as dry mass, cell count, cell confluency, cell circularity, cell perimeter, cell area, etc.

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Live T Cell Assay

Label-free AI-assisted segmentation of target cells and T cells in co-culture

The Live T Cell Assay offers a unique opportunity to understand T cell/target cells interactions over time, at both the single-cell and population level. Nanolive’s label-free live cell imaging captures detailed, multiplexed, and texturally rich images of the entire T cell response process: find, bind, stress and kill.

Only Nanolive’s rich images can achieve a clear segmentation of T cells and their targets without using any destructive labels.

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Increase biological relevance and simplify your discovery workflow


Fully integrated cutting-edge digital analytical solutions

Get higher significance earlier and faster with our panel of application specific, push-button digital assay. Retroactive analysis is also possible at any time.

LIVE Cell Death Assay

Profile cell health and death, and distinguish between living, apoptotic, and necrotic cells label-free

LIVE T Cell Assay

Measure and characterize simultaneously how live T cells find, bind, stress and kill their targets

Smart Lipid Droplet Assay

Measure lipid droplet characteristics at population, cellular, and individual droplet levels

Disruptive Technology

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The combination of holography and rotational scanning makes Nanolive imaging a revolutionary technology

Nanolive’s technology is unique because it works label-free and reports the 3D refractive index distribution of the cell. The extremely low light power that generates the holograms allows for a total absence of phototoxicity which leads to excellent time resolution.

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Video depicting the CX-A resolution from cell population down to single organelle
Laser animation gif
Schematic of Nanolive’s light path

Technical Specifications


Watch our Webinar: Automated Label-free Live Cell Imaging with the CX-A

Dr. Mathieu Frechin, Head of Quantitative Biology at Nanolive will introduce you the CX-A and its functionalities. He will outline the possibilities for parallelized experiments and image production capabilities.

In particular, the following topics will be covered:

  • Nanolive’s imaging technology
  • Presentation of the new hardware and software
  • Acquisition highlights showing data quality and new possibilities for label-free drug screening

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Watch our Webinar: Increase biological relevance and simplify your discovery workflow

In this webinar, Dr. Emma Gibbin-Lameira, Communications Specialist at Nanolive:

  • A step-by-step guide to setting-up an experiment and acquiring images with Nanolive’s automated microscope the CX-A, and creating publication-ready data and images using Nanolive’s new quantification solution, EVE Analytics
  • A case study showing how different stress stimuli (cytotoxicity vs. phototoxicity) invoke different types of cell death
  • An in-depth discussion of how cell metrics can be used to quantify different types of cell death

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Nanolive imaging and analysis platforms

Swiss high-precision imaging and analysis platforms that look instantly inside label-free living cells in 3D

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