Nanolive receives Microscopy Today Innovation Award 2020 for automated live cell imaging microscope CX-A

Nanolive are delighted to have been selected as winners of the 11th annual Microscopy Today Innovation Awards in 2020 for the development of our automated microscope, the CX-A, a non-invasive live cell imaging method for continuous organelle monitoring in cell populations and 96-well plates. The award is shared with 10 other top technologies that have high potential to advance microscopy in the areas of light microscopy, electron microscopy and microanalysis.

This is the second award Nanolive have won for the CX-A, which was also awarded The Scientist Top 10 Innovations in 2019.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Chief Technology Officer Dr. Sebastien Equis and acknowledge the important contributions of Dr. Alexandre E. Grandchamp, Julien Renggli and Philippe Paccaud throughout the development process. Thanks also go to the whole R&D team and their dedication and hard work to achieve this high quality product.

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