2023 scientific publications roundup

2023 has been a record year for clients using the Nanolive system in their scientific publications. The number of peer-reviewed publications has continued to increase, and there has been a real growth in groups publishing pre-prints to give a preview of their work.

Immunology was one of the most popular applications, with scientists taking advantage of Nanolive’s label-free, high resolution imaging to study neutrophil extracellular traps, platelets, blood clots, and many types of different immune cells.

Nanolive was also chosen to study cellular metabolism; in particular to image lipid droplets and mitochondrial dynamics.

Clients Publications graph

This word cloud summarizes the key words most commonly featured in papers this year:

Word cloud

Some of this year’s publication highlights:

Closer to understanding coronavirus: Research results with Institut Pasteur: https://www.nanolive.ch/closer-to-understanding-coronavirus-research-results-with-institut-pasteur/

Nanolive empowers groundbreaking ferroptosis research published in Nature: https://www.nanolive.ch/nanolive-empowers-groundbreaking-ferroptosis-research-published-in-nature/

New possibilities for potent cancer immunotherapies: https://www.nanolive.ch/new-possibilities-for-potent-cancer-immunotherapies-with-nanolive-solutions/

Confirming the success of a cosmetic treatment for melasma at mesoestetic: https://www.nanolive.ch/nanolive-imaging-confirms-success-of-mesoestetics-new-treatment-at-the-subcellular-level/

Mitochondrial secretion captured by Nanolive’s live cell imaging in new Cell Metabolism Paper: https://www.nanolive.ch/mitochondrial-secretion-captured-by-nanolives-live-cell-imaging-in-new-cell-metabolism-paper/

Studying synaptic proteins involved in plasticity and neuroprotection: https://www.nanolive.ch/towards-a-therapy-to-reduce-damage-after-traumatic-brain-injury-with-nanolive-solutions/


A list of all client publications using Nanolive imaging is available here: https://www.nanolive.ch/resources/publications/

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