Nanolive amongst the winners of The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations of 2019

Every year The Scientist identifies the latest and best technologies and techniques in the life-science industry. Nanolive is proud to have been selected for our newest microscope – the CX-A – the world’s first walk-away solution for label-free, long-term live cell imaging. Please follow the link to visit our CX-A product page:

Editor-in-Chief Bob Grant from The Scientist states: “In 2019, not only do we highlight products that build on established methods as the year’s Top 10 Innovations, we celebrate unique contributions that break new conceptual ground in life science.”

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Congratulations to all winners!

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A new diagnostic role for Nanolive’s refractive index imaging?

A new diagnostic role for Nanolive’s refractive index imaging?

The refractive index of cellular structures is an intrinsic property that is used by Nanolive’s imaging and digital assays to analyse cells and organelles label-free. The authors of a newly published paper in Cells have innovatively applied this technology to monitor...