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What is holotomography, how does it work and what benefits does this live-cell imaging approach bring to fundamental research and drug development? This miniseries dives into the technology behind Nanolive’s high-content live cell images and explains how holotomography is essential for providing deep phenotypic insights into cellular responses.

You may be interested in this series if you: 

  • Are working on preclinical drug development in the biopharmaceutical industry 
  • Are an academic research scientist 
  • Want to understand drug toxicity and safety without the bias of labels 
  • Have a curious mindset and want to learn more about imaging technologies 

Episode 1

What is holotomography?

Aired: 29th February 2024 | Length: 5 minutes

Nanolive imaging platforms use holotomography to capture label-free timelapse images of cells and their organelles to give insight into dynamic processes and phenotypic changes, but how does the technology work? This video explains the concept of holotomography, and the unique technology behind Nanolive imaging.

Episode 2

How to achieve label-free images without compromising on resolution

Aired: 7th March 2024 | Length: 7 minutes

What’s the difference between holotomography, phase contrast, and quantitative phase imaging? These three imaging techniques are all based on the same label-free principle but can provide differing levels of resolution. This video compares these technologies and their uses in live-cell imaging, from cell counting, to high-content phenotypic analysis.

Episode 3

What makes Nanolive’s approach to holotomography unique?

Aired: 14th March 2024 | Length: 6 minutes

Nanolive’s imaging platforms were developed from the ground up, incorporating unique patented components, and valuable contributions from our beta testers in industry. This video highlights the key features that set Nanolive’s holotomographic imaging apart in our mission to give researchers access to unique live cell data through AI-assisted analysis, to accelerate and de-risk the discovery and development of therapeutics.

Episode 4

What can we learn from label-free cell images using Nanolive’s AI-powered analysis?

Aired: 21st March 2024 | Length: 9 minutes

The high resolution of Nanolive images enables a deep understanding of cellular processes. With the help of automated AI-powered assays, phenotypic changes can be measured and extracted to quantify cellular response to drugs, cell-cell interactions, and cell death to name just a few. This video demonstrates how Nanolive’s digital assays can be used to quantify phenotypic changes from label-free images, providing insights for fundamental research and drug development.

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Revealing the complexities of live cell imaging for research and drug development

This eBook serves as a comprehensive guide and expansion on the innovative miniseries “Discover label-free imaging technology with Nanolive”, which introduces the fascinating world of holotomography and its groundbreaking implications for live-cell imaging.

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