Nanolive wins the Innovation Prize of the World Mitochondria Society

This week’s venue the “10th Targeting Mitochondria Congress” was a full success for Nanolive.

It is an honor to share with you that Nanolive won the Innovation Prize of the World Mitochondria Society!

Nanolive is very proud to have been recognized in this important field of research where we believe we offer the unique advantage of visualizing mitochondria marker free. Please learn more about Nanolive’s mitochondria imaging here.

We thank Marvin Edeas and Volkmar Weissig and all the organizing committee.

Please enjoy the photos!

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Nanolive – our story

Nanolive – our story

Nanolive Nanolive delivers breakthrough imaging solutions that combine screening, imaging, and analysis to radically advance how scientists study living cells and provide novel biological insights into the mechanisms of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Our...