EVE Analytics for the 3D Cell Explorer-fluo

EVE Analytics for 3D Cell Explorer-fluo

Continuous, multiplexed live cell data, multi-parametric readout

EVE Analytics’ user-friendly interface offers a segmentation and analysis solution specific to Nanolive’s content rich data which can deliver meaningful metrics with the highest biological relevance.

Works over long-term experiments where cell confluency changes significantly with no reduction in quality and automatically calculates and delivers numerous live cell metrics in parallel such as dry mass, cell count, cell confluency, cell circularity, cell perimeter, cell area, etc.

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Quantify mitochondrial responses to drug-perturbation

In this video, we perturb the mitochondrial network using Antimycin A; a potent inhibitor of cellular respiration. Cells were imaged once every 6 seconds for 15 mins using the 3D Cell Explorer-fluo. The addition of the drug causes mitochondria to become swollen and ring-shaped.

To find out why and to learn what granularity is, check out our application note here.

Segmentation and single cell metrics

In this video you can see a control preadipocyte cell imaged solely using Nanolive imaging compared to that of a treated pre-adipocyte cell that was exposed to phototoxicity induced by the FITC channel excitation light (λ=495 nm, orange box).

No changes are observed in the control cell (green line). In comparison, exposure to phototoxicity (orange line) causes the cell to shrink (loss of area and perimeter) and become rounder. The sharp decrease in compactness and simultaneous increase in extent reflects the moment the cell loses adherence to the surface of the dish.

The 3D Cell Explorer-fluo – a multimodal complete solution for 4D live cell imaging & fluorescence


3D Cell Explorer-fluo front view

Image: 3D Cell Explorer-fluo

  • Combine fully label-free imaging with correlative epifluorescence to cover a broad array of live cell imaging requirements for your lab, department, or institute
  • Rediscover your living cells through multiplexing: Nanolive datasets contain the simultaneous acquisition of several biological features and organelles – therefore capturing various pathways of cell biology in real-time
  • Extend Live Cell Imaging: image your live cells as long as you need. Limit cell damages caused by fluorescent markers, bleaching and phototoxicity
  • Visualize the invisible: the 3D Cell Explorer-fluo allows you to visualize what would be too small to be captured label-free, such as: proteins, ions (e.g. calcium), viruses, etc

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Technical Note


Image showing EVE Analytics precise segmentation

Nanolive’s label-free technology makes it possible to image cells for long periods of time, at high temporal resolution. The quantity and complexity of the images generated allows us to visualize biological processes in unprecedented detail, but also magnifies the challenges associated with image analysis. Manual image registration and analysis is impossible and so computer-aided processing must be used to harness data complexity. In this technical note, we introduce the key elements involved in cell segmentation, which are essential to understand the novelty of EVE Analytics (EA), Nanolive’s software solution for quantitative cell analysis. We then evaluate the performance of EA segmentation against fluorescence-based segmentation and compare how metrics produced by both approaches differ.

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