Nanolive’s CX-A competition announcement winner

In early November 2020, we invited pharma and biotech companies to tell us how they would use our CX-A in their research, to solve one of the 10 threats to the human population identified by the World Health Organization in 2019.

We were inundated by high quality applications and great ideas, but there can only be one winner and we are delighted to announce that we have chosen a proposal submitted by David Agorku based at the R&D Cancer Stem Cell Research department at Miltenyi Biotec (Bergisch Gladbach, Germany) and A. Prof. Vivek Venkataramani from the University Medical Center Göettingen, (Göettingen, Germany).

The proposal entitled “Heterogeneity in Human Angiosarcoma and the Implications for Drug Evasion”, outlines how Nanolive’s label-free imaging will be used to investigate the intratumoral heterogeneity of angiosarcoma in primary, patient-derived cell lines and identify key players in ferroptosis, a newly discovered non-apoptotic cell death driven by lipid peroxidation and accompanied by characteristic morphological events during cell death. Mr. Agorku explained more:

“Primary tumor cell cultures consist of very heterogenous cancer and cancer-associated cells. So far, we have mainly used flow cytometry and fluorescence-based assays, which require manipulation of the cells and only show us a snapshot of the cultures at a certain time point. Nanolive technology offers the unique possibility to investigate cancer cell heterogeneity and cell plasticity by following morphological changes over time quantitatively, in great detail. A major advantage for our primary cell cultures is the possibility to work label-free and thus omit additional manipulation of the cells, which is often difficult for cells directly derived from solid tissues.”

Nanolive would like to thank all the participants who entered, and to wish our winners luck with their exciting project.

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