Antibodies being used as a T-cell targeting system to wipe out cancer cells

Nanolive’s automated microscope, the CX-A, allows scientists to monitor dynamic interactions between immune cells and cancer cells at the population level, unperturbed, and with zero phototoxicity involved. Here, the CX-A was used to visualize whether the addition of bispecific antibodies enhanced the cancer-killing ability of cytotoxic T-Cells. Images were taken every four and a half minutes, for twenty hours.
Cytotoxic T-cells are powerful effector cells capable of killing target cells bearing an appropriate antigenic complex (peptide–MHC), which is recognized by their T-cell receptor (TCR). Most T-cells are however unable to recognize and kill tumor cells, because of the lack of tumor-specificity of their TCR.

By using bispecific antibodies targeting a tumor-associated antigen (TAA) on the cancer cells, and CD3 on the T-cells, it is possible to redirect and activate any circulating T-cells against tumor cells independently of the specificity of their TCR. Thanks to the bridging action of such TAAxCD3 bsAb, T-cells are brought in close proximity of the target cancer cells, leading to subsequent T-cell activation and T-cell–mediated killing of the tumor cells.

For more information on T-cell redirecting κλ-bodies, please visit Light Chain Bioscience.

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