The Live T Cell Assay: what do Key Opinion Leaders say about it?

For the launch of our new digital assay, the Live T Cell Assay, some key opinion leaders from various pharmaceutical companies and institutions had the chance to try out Nanolive’s new tool first hand. Check below how they’ve put the new tool to use, and their opinion on the acquired results.


Valery Moine is the Head of Pharmacology Unit at Light Chain Bioscience, a brand of Novimmune SA, Switzerland.
Novimmune has brought several monoclonal antibodies to clinical development stage, one of which is emapalumab, that has been approved by the FDA in 2018.

With Nanolive, Light Chain Bioscience was able to observe the killing process of the cancer cells by T cells, the cell-cell interaction between T cells and cancer cells, and the modification of the cancer cell shape during the killing process for the first time. In their lab – before working with Nanolive – they used an indirect method to quantify the cancer cell killing which does not show the killing process.

“This is the first time we are able to see so nicely the killing process of T cells involved in in vitro assays. We can also extract additional key parameters which is very important because they are not easily extracted using conventional methods.”

Valery Moine

Head of Pharmacology Unit, Light Chain Bioscience

TRON – Dr. Eliana Stanganello

Dr. Eliana Stanganello, Head of the High Content Imaging and Cellular Dynamics Unit at TRON in Germany, established Naolive’s imaging analysis platform within the cellular immunotherapy department at TRON.
The main focus of interest of the High Content Imaging and Cellular Dynamics Unit lies in visualizing and quantifying dynamic interactions between cells in various contexts.

“The visualization of dynamic processes requires high resolution, fast acquisition and good markers. However these have three main limitations; on one side the speed, Phototoxicity, the addition of dyes can impair viability and also change the cell’s behavior. So that’s the reason why when we started to use Nanolive, we were very happy to have the possibility to have high resolution images, but also that we could do that in a very fast way. Especially because we could do that label-free, so without additional dyes. And on the other side Nanolive provides the solution for full image quantification.”

Dr. Eliana Stanganello

Head of the High Content Imaging and Cellular Dynamics Unit, TRON

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