Upcoming Webinar – The LIVE Cell Death Assay: Drug discovery applications of cell health, stress, death, and recovery analyses

Showcasing our AI-powered digital cytotoxicity and cell viability assay, we will explore how Nanolive’s high-content live cell imaging can be used to increase confidence in lead candidate selection.

We will explore the following drug discovery applications of Nanolive’s LIVE Cell Death Assay – all completely label-free:

Cell Death

  • Drug screening in a 96-well plate
  • Differentiating between necrotic and apoptotic cell death
  • Detecting therapy resistance

Cell Health, Stress and Recovery

  • Detecting cell stress before death
  • Investigating therapy resistance using the Health Cell Index and Refractive Index imaging
  • Monitoring cell recovery from the apoptotic pathway (anastasis)

The webinar will last around 20 to 25 minutes on the following dates and times:

31st of January at 10 am CET
31st of January at 5:30 pm CET
1st of February at 8 am CET

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Hope Amos

Hope Amos

Scientific Communication Specialist

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