Live Cell Imaging

Real-time, label-free and high resolution images of living cells
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Live cell imaging in real-time, label-free and in high resolution – technical background

A microscopes’ resolution depends on its capacity to collect diffracted light, the bigger this aperture, the clearer the view. With our rotating light source we illuminate the sample from many directions and with a technique called interferometry, we can combine the signals “seen” by hundreds of illumination angles, so that the microscope effectively works together like one giant aperture. As a result, this allows us to compute (no ocular, no eyepieces) a signal with sub-cellular resolution of living cells and thanks to interferometry we do not require any chemical markers and we can compute a “digital cell reconstruction in 3D” – based upon the cell’s inherent physical properties. Read the Nature publication here.


A selected overview of Nanolive’s top applications.

Live cell imaging

Nanolive’s approach provides real-time, label-free and high resolution images of living cells. Nanolive imaging delivers experimental results in 3D for long periods of time, at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution.


Budget-friendly, easy-to-use, compact solution for high quality non-invasive 4D live cell imaging             

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Multimodal Complete Solution: combine high quality non-invasive 4D live cell imaging with fluorescence

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Automated live cell imaging: a unique walk-away solution for long-term live cell imaging of single cells and cell populations

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