Live Cell Imaging

Real-time, label-free and high resolution images of living cells
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Nanolive’s patented technology

The technology behind Nanolive’s microscopes is unique worldwide and is based on a fundamental patent (US 8,937,722 & EU WO 2011/121523).

The combination of holography and rotational scanning makes Nanolive imaging a revolutionary technology.

Holography offers a unique means to measure cells in their native environment: label-free, non-invasive, manipulation-free, and interference-free. Rotational scanning allows 3D reconstructions, noise robustness, and a resolution far beyond the accepted limit for light.

To achieve optimal results for every measurement, the optics of our technology are completely self-adjusting. It guarantees the best alignment conditions – whatever the environment is.


A selected overview of Nanolive’s top applications.

Live cell imaging

Nanolive’s approach provides real-time, label-free and high resolution images of living cells. Nanolive imaging delivers experimental results in 3D for long periods of time, at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution.


Budget-friendly, easy-to-use, compact solution for high quality non-invasive 4D live cell imaging             

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Multimodal Complete Solution: combine high quality non-invasive 4D live cell imaging with fluorescence

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Automated live cell imaging: a unique walk-away solution for long-term live cell imaging of single cells and cell populations

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