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  • Atypical contribution of caspase-3 to melanoma cancer cell motility by regulation of coronin 1B activity

    Authors: Kevin Berthenet, Serena Diazzi, Catherine Jamard, Kinga Stopa, Stefan Dragan, Deborah Fanfone, Trang Nguyen, Nathalie Al, Francois Virard, Olivier Meurette, Nikolay Popgeorgiev, Hector Hernandez-Vargas, Julien Ablain, Gabriel Ichim, 2024

    Published in: bioRxiv

    Tags: Melanoma, cell motility, llamelipodia

  • Therapeutic efficacy of a synthetic brain-targeted H 2 S donor cross-linked nanomicells in ASD rats via aerobic glycolysis

    Authors: Changmei Zhang, Lingyuan Yang, Feng Wang, Mingyuan Liu, Zehui Liu, Zibo Shen, Mingyang Zou,Lijie Wu, 2024

    Published in: Research Square

    Tags: Autism spectrum disorder, Hydrogen sulfide, Cross-linked nanomicelles, Aerobic glycolysis, astrocytes, morphology

  • Applicability of non-invasive and live-cell holotomographic imaging on fungi

    Authors: Susanne Fritsche, Felix Fronek, Robert L. Mach , Matthias G. Steiger, 2024

    Published in: Journal of Microbiological Methods

    Tags: Live-cell imaging, holotomography, fungal morphology, Aspergillus, Aureobasidium, nuclear migration

  • Dynamic label-free analysis of SARS-CoV-2 infection reveals virus-induced subcellular remodeling

    Authors: Nell Saunders, Blandine Monel, Nadège Cayet, Lorenzo Archetti, Hugo Moreno, Alexandre Jeanne, Agathe Marguier, Julian Buchrieser, Timothy Wai, Olivier Schwartz, Mathieu Fréchin, 2024

    Published in: Nature Communications

    Tags: Organelle dynamics, SARS-CoV-2, mitochondria, lipid droplets, organelle segmentation, nuclei, nucleoli

  • GPR56/ADGRG1 induces biased Rho-ROCK-MLC and JAK-STAT3 signaling to promote amoeboid-like morphology and IL-6 upregulation in melanoma cells

    Authors: Kuan-Yeh Huang, Kwai-Fong Ng, Kuan-Yu I,Yu-Chi Chang, Hsin-Yi Chen, Tse-Ching Chen, Martin Stacey, Hsi-Hsien Lin, 2024

    Published in: Research Square

    Tags: adhesion GPCR, IL-6, cytoskeletal remodelling, GPR56, melanoma, signalling

  • Differential effects of coverslip-induced hypoxia and cobalt chloride mimetic hypoxia on cellular stress, metabolism, and nuclear structure.

    Authors: Florencia Lamela, Ronell Bologna-Molina, Felipe Parietti, Vanesa Pereira-Prado, Magdalena Millán, Alejandro Silva, Juan Llaguno, Julia Alonso, Ariel Fernández, José Sotelo-Silveira, Manoela Domingues, Miguel Arocena, Jimena Hochmann, 2024

    Published in: Tissue & Cell

    Tags: oxidative stress; hypoxia; metabolism; nuclear structure

  • Correlating Protein Aggregate Structure with Cellular Function in Differentiated Muscle Cells: Discriminating Pathogenic from Non-Pathogenic Forms

    Authors: Sander D. Mallon, Erik Bos, Vahid Sheikhhassani, Milad Shademan, Dino Rocca, Lenard M. Voortman, Alireza Mashaghi, Thomas H. Sharp, Vered Raz, 2024

    Published in: bioRxiv

    Tags: protein aggregates, aggregates structure, imaging facilities, PABPN1, OPMD

  • Age-progressive interplay of HSP-proteostasis, ECM-cell junctions and biomechanics ensures C. elegans astroglial architecture

    Authors: Francesca Coraggio, Mahak Bhushan, Spyridon Roumeliotis,Francesca Caroti, Carlo Bevilacqua, Robert Prevedel,Georgia Rapti 


    Published in: Nature Communications

    Tags: Ageing, C. elegans, extracellular matrix, glial cells, proteostasis

  • Mesenchymal stem cells reverse thymus aging by reprogramming the DNA methylation of thymic epithelial cells

    Authors: Zailing Yang, Chuan Tian, Zhixu He, Xiangqing Zhu, Jie He, Hang Pan, Ye Li,Guangping Ruan, XiJun Wu, Xinghua Pan 


    Published in: Regenerative Therapy

    Tags: Thymus aging, MSCs, TECs, DNA methylation

  • Establishment of a cobia (Rachycentron canadum) gill cell line: A valuable tool for immune response studies

    Authors: Thi Hang Ho, Hoang Trieu Quan Tran, Chun-Hung Liu, Meng-Chou Lee, Eakapol Wangkahart, Yu-Ching Wu, Yu-Lin Lin, Po-Tsang Lee, 2024

    Published in: Fish & Shellfish Immunology

    Tags: Cobia, Rachycentron canadum, gill cell line, in vitro platform, disease management, sustainable farming, fish physiology