Top-Stage Incubator

Tokaihit's top-stage incubator for Nanolive's 3D Cell Explorer 96focus

A top-stage incubator offering precision temperature, humidity and CO2 control designed for the 3D Cell Explorer 96focus

Tokaihit Top-Stage incubator

Tokaihit’s top-stage incubator includes:

  • Dish attachments for 96-well-plate and four 35 mm dishes
  • External sensor
  • Extension wire
  • Gas tube
  • Lens heater
  • Plastic pre-holders

Which features are offered?

Accurate and uniform temperature control

Uniform heat distribution inside the chamber.

Model STXCNL delivered as a complete set

Includes all dish attachments and dish fixing lids.

Humidity lever over 95%

The chamber keeps the humidity level over 95% by heating distilled water in the bath unit. The internal humidifier minimizes the change in concentration of media by keeping the humidity inside the chamber.

Stable and digital CO2 regulation

The controller mixes 100% CO2 gas and the surrounding air automatically. The stable gas concentration inside the chamber is obtained by constant supply of mixed gas into the chamber.

Focus drift prevention

In addition to a PID controller, the stage heater is regulated by a continuous current control which minimizes the focus drift generated by thermal expansion and light intensity change compared to the conventional on/off control.

Sample feedback regulation (optional feature not included in standard package)

Sterilized temperature sensor and magnetic lids make it easy to measure the temperature of culture media upon research needs. The controller regulates the heater based on the sensor signal to keep the sample at the target temperature.

Chamber Accessories

Technical Specifications

Specifications for STXGNL Top-Stage Incubator


0.1°C increments setting

Setting method

Touch panel with optional software, can be regulated via PC

Temperature range – Sample Temp

30 – 40 °C (optional)

Temperature range – Top Heater

10 – 65°C

Temperature range – Bath Heater

10 – 50°C

Temperature range – Stage Heater

10 – 50°C

Temperature range – Lens Heater

10 – 45°C

Temperature rise time

10 minutes to reach 50°C