Monitoring live and label free effect of Khondrion’s drug KH176 with the 3D Cell Explorer

A major problem with current imaging techniques is phototoxicity that leads to the observation of perturbed dynamics. However, the 3D Cell Explorer overcomes this problematic as it injects in the sample ~100 times less energy (~0.2 nW/µm2) than light sheet microscopes (~1nW/µm2) that are the reference in the matter. With a resolution below 200 nm, it enables high resolution and high-frequency imaging even with sensitive material, giving access to organelle dynamics that were previously out of reach such as mitochondria and lipid droplets.


Khondrion’s drug KH176 rescues the cytotoxic effect by BSO

In collaboration with Khondrion, a leading clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on small molecule therapeutics for mitochondrial diseases, we image here the effect of KH176, Khondrion’s leading drug candidate, in rescuing the cytotoxic effect induced by Buthionine sulfoximine (BSO). BSO inhibits the biosynthesis of glutathione, an endogenous molecule crucial for the maintenance of cellular redox states, progressively leading to cell death. KH176 counteracts BSO-induced cell death by targeting peroxiredoxin enzymes.