Webinar – High content in vitro imaging for translational success: targeted therapies

Nanolive hosts this event on “Non-invasive, high content live cell assays to increase translational relevance of in vitro drug development of biologics and small molecules”.

In this webinar, we present the following use-cases of our immuno-oncology and cytotoxicity assays from industry-leading biopharma companies to test toxicity, selectivity, uptake and expression of different targeted therapies.

  • Immune cell therapeutics:
    • Bispecific antibody screening in a T cell-target cell co-culture (Lightchain Bioscience)
  • Drug selectivity and cytotoxicity:
    • mRNA expression and cytotoxicity (TrON)
    • Drug selectivity in co-cultures: senolytics (dsm-firmenich)
    • Measuring particle uptake (bit.bio)

This webinar lasts 20 to 25 minutes.

3D Cell Explorer 96focus

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