Webinar: Generating kinetic EC50 values using label-free cytotoxicity assays

In this webinar, Dr. Emma Gibbin-Lameira will show how Nanolive’s label-free, non-invasive imaging can be used to quantify dose-dependent responses of HeLa cells to Chloroquine.

Specifically, Dr. Gibbin-Lameira will show that:

  • Dose-dependent experiments can be performed in 96-well plate format over long periods of time (> 2 days), reducing the need for time and labor-intensive multiple fixed-point measurements and eliminating cytotoxic/cytostatic effects arising from the use of labels, dyes, or phototoxic damage
  • Metrics output from Nanolive’s proprietary software, EVE Analytics, can be used to generate statistically robust time-dependent EC50 values based on total dry mass; a metric unique to label-free imaging
  • Sub-cellular spatial resolution combined with high content image analysis can be used to investigate a drugs’ mechanism of action

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