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June 25th, 2024

Join our online demo for an exclusive demonstration tailored for biopharma professionals and academic researchers!

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Reveal cellular stories with AI 

Join us for an exclusive demonstration tailored for biopharma professionals and academic researchers, showcasing Nanolive’s cutting-edge live cell imaging and analysis technology. Discover our unique holotomographic microscope and label-free imaging, enhanced by AI-powered software for effortless, push-button analysis. Learn how Nanolive’s technology can empower in vitro preclinical drug development, improve understanding of drug toxicity, and provide unbiased cellular insights. Additionally, get a glimpse into the future of cell imaging analysis as we reveal our latest innovations and collaborative research, highlighting the transformative potential of AI in advancing biopharmaceutical research and drug discovery. 

Field Application Specialist Matthias Schade will introduce our label-free imaging platform, demonstrate the process of imaging acquisition, then showcase our software suite to reveal the cellular insights made possible by automated AI analysis.  

Analyses covered: 

  • Population-level metrics 
  • Cell death rate 
  • Cell death mechanism 
  • Phenotypic markers of cell stress 

Cutting-edge innovation
Finally, AI and Biology Director Mathieu Fréchin will introduce some of Nanolive’s newest and most innovative work in the AI biology space, presenting research carried out in collaboration with Institut Pasteur, using AI to study the dynamic relationships between organelles during disease.  

You may be interested in this event if you:
– Are working on preclinical drug development in the biopharmaceutical industry,
– Are an academic research scientist,
– Want to understand drug toxicity and safety without the bias of labels,
– Are searching for a new label-free imaging system and analysis solution
– Have a curious mindset and want to learn more about cutting-edge imaging technologies. 

This event will be hosted by Nanolive’s scientific communications specialist Hope Amos.

Nanolive’s Speakers

Hope Amos

Hope Amos

Scientific Communication Specialist

Matthias Schade

Matthias Schade

Field Application Specialist

Mathieu Fréchin, PhD

Mathieu Fréchin, PhD

AI and Biology Director

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