3D Cell Culture

"Using this technology we were able to be the first in the world to quantitate a biological molecule in subcellular space." Yasmine Abouleila and Ahmed Ali. RIKEN Research Center


HeLa cells embedded in alginate beads 



Study in-vivo like 3D cell cultures stain-free

Measure how cells grow and interact with their surroundings in all three dimensions

  • Observe the cell organization in the z space (30 um)
  • Measure cell volume
  • Monitor cell behavior in the tri-dimensional space


Fibroblast reticular cell seeded on glass nanopillars



Analyze morphological changes and membrane remodeling due to functionalized surfaces

Observe how the adhesion of the cell to the substrate is guided by the nanostructures on the device surfaces

  • Determine the differences between cells cultured on a chip with cells on a conventional two-dimensional dish.
  • Study cell-nanostructure interactions using polymeric nanopillars
  • Monitor the focal adhesions formation and the cell-spreading area with fluorescent markers