17 new scientific publications featuring Nanolive technology

Since the start of the year, 17 more papers have been published using Nanolive imaging, featuring an incredibly broad range of cell types; stem cells, adipocytes, neurons, osteoblasts, neutrophils, melanocytes, e. coli, primary synoviocytes, and several cancer cell lines.

These publications made advances in the development of therapeutics, understanding of disease, and highlighted new technological breakthroughs for the cell biology field. Congratulations to all the authors, we wish you continued success!

17 new scientific publications featuring Nanolive technology - List of authors

Four papers focused on the development of therapeutics:

Alfredo Martínez-Gutiérrez et al., ‘Depigmenting Topical Therapy Based on a Synergistic Combination of Compounds Targeting the Key Pathways Involved in Melasma Pathophysiology’, Experimental Dermatology, January 2023, read it here

Wojciech Szlasa et al., ‘Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field Suppresses Growth and Reduces Multi-Drug Resistance Effect in Pancreatic Cancer’, Scientific Reports, 7 January 2023, read it here.

Nina Filipczak et al., ‘Antibody-Modified DNase I Micelles Specifically Recognize the Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (NETs) and Promote Their Degradation’, Journal of Controlled Release,1 February 2023, read it here

Jesús M. Roldán-Peña et al., ‘Biotinylated Selenocyanates: Potent and Selective Cytostatic Agents’, Bioorganic Chemistry, 8 February 2023, read it here

Three papers focused on cell characterization and subcellular processes:

Shun Li et al., ‘Interleukin-13 and Its Receptor Are Synaptic Proteins Involved in Plasticity and Neuroprotection’, Nature Communications, 13 January 2023, read it here

Emmanuelle Berger and Alain Géloën, ‘FABP4 Controls Fat Mass Expandability (Adipocyte Size and Number) through Inhibition of CD36/SR-B2 Signalling’, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, January 2023, read it here

Joonho Suh et al., ‘Mitochondrial Fragmentation and Donut Formation Enhance Mitochondrial Secretion to Promote Osteogenesis’, Cell Metabolism, 7 February 2023, read it here

Five papers will help to increase understanding of different diseases:

Dragana Savic et al., ‘Erk1/2-Dependent HNSCC Cell Susceptibility to Erastin-Induced Ferroptosis’, Cells, January 2023, read it here

Filali, Samira et al.,  ‘Effects of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines and Cell Interactions on Cell Area and Cytoskeleton of Rheumatoid Arthritis Synoviocytes and Immune Cells’. European Journal of Cell Biology, 6 March 2023, read it here

Agnieszka Rusak et al., ‘Multimodal Study of CHI3L1 Inhibition and Its Effect on Angiogenesis, Migration, Immune Response and Refractive Index of Cellular Structures in Glioblastoma’, Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 161, 1 May 2023, read it here

Tsung-Hua Hsieh et al., ‘Vorinostat Decrease M2 Macrophage Polarization through ARID1A6488delG/HDAC6/IL-10 Signaling Pathway in Endometriosis-Associated Ovarian Carcinoma’, Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 161, 1 May 2023, read it here

Richard Miallot et al., ‘An OMA1 Redox Site Controls Mitochondrial Homeostasis, Sarcoma Growth, and Immunogenicity’, Life Science Alliance, June 2023, read it here

Five papers featured new technological breakthroughs for cell biology:

Igor Buzalewicz et al., ‘New Measurements Modalities for Multi-Parametric, Label-Free and Non-Contact Detection of Biofilm Formation on Stainless Steel and Glass Surfaces’, Measurement, 11 February 2023, read it here

Skwira Adrianna et al., ‘Bioglass Obtained via One-Pot Synthesis as Osseointegrative Drug Delivery System’, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 18 January 2023, read it here

Pei-Hui Yang et al., ‘A Piezoelectric Cytosensor with Non-Invasive Assay for Volume- Sensitive Chloride Channel Investigtions’, SSRN Scholarly Paper, 27 January 2023, read it here

Ziwei Huang et al., ‘Preparation and Evaluation of a Temperature-Responsive Methylcellulose/Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogel for Stem Cell Encapsulation’, Polymer Testing, January 2023, read it here

Anthony Petkidis, Vardan Andriasyan, and Urs F Greber, ‘Label-Free Microscopy for Virus Infections’, Microscopy, 20 April 2023, read it here

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