Join Nanolive’s webinar “Accelerating oncology drug discovery with label-free imaging” on July 7th

We are happy to announce our next webinar with the topic “Accelerating oncology drug discovery with label-free imagingon July 7th and 8th.

In this webinar, Dr. Emma Gibbin, Communications Specialist at Nanolive will discuss the advantages of using label-free live cell imaging in the drug discovery process and show how Nanolive’s automated live cell imaging solution the CX-A, can be used to:

  • observe unique drug-induced phenotypes that fluorescence microscopy cannot capture
  • record dynamic cellular responses to drug perturbations
  • automate in vitro screening studies.

Dr. Gibbin will present novel results from two experimental screens designed to test the phenotypic and morphological responses of pre-adipocyte and cancer cells to 8 inhibitors or modulators of kinase activity.

You can watch the registered webinar on-demand here: Download.

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