Webinar: Label-free cytotoxicity assays: do different cell death stimuli show unique signatures in cell metrics?

In this webinar, Dr. Emma Gibbin-Lameira, Communications Specialist at Nanolive reveals how Nanolive imaging can be used to conduct real-time, automated cytotoxicity assays, without the contribution of photo and cytotoxic methodological artefacts. Specifically, she will:

  • Show high resolution, time-resolved footage of the dynamics of cell death following exposure to six cell death stimuli (extreme shifts in external pH, thermal stress, phototoxicity, oxidative stress, Shikonin and Ebastine)
  • Feature relevant cell metrics and/or close-ups of changes in sub-cellular morphology induced by each experimental condition
  • Discuss which cell metrics are best for distinguishing between different types of cell death

Please register here to view the webinar on-demand:

Label-free cytotoxicity assays

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Nanolive – our story

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