Webinar: Label-free live cell imaging meets Immuno-oncology

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Dr. Mathieu Frechin, Head of Quantitative Biology at Nanolive will introduce you to our holotomographic microscopy and its implications in the field of Immuno-Oncology. During the webinar he will discuss the opportunities that are created by the usage of Nanolive’s label-free technology in the field of immune system research. In particular, the following topics will be covered: 

  • Immuno-oncology in the spotlight – strategic importance of studying the immune system.
  • Current state of the art of live cell imaging in the field of immunology – what Nanolive’s technology can bring to the field.
  • New live cell research possibilities to understand the cell-cell interactions of the immune system (examples).

Follow these links for more information about how label-free 3D live cell imaging technology changes the future of immune system research: https://www.nanolive.ch/immuno-oncology/ & https://www.nanolive.ch/macrophages/.

Video 1: Label-free Live Cell Imaging: Activated T-Cell Killing Cancer Cell

Video 2: Label-free Live Cell Imaging: T-cells killing cancer cells – zoomed-in