Webinar | Mitochondria and lipid droplets in the spotlight: Label free imaging of cell metabolism

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Dr. Mathieu Frechin, Head of Quantitative Biology at Nanolive introduces you to the advantages of our holotomographic microscope for imaging key organelles supporting cellular metabolism such as mitochondria and lipid droplets. In particular, the following topics are being covered:

  • Challenges in live cell imaging of cellular organelles
  • State of the art of label-free microscopy of lipid droplets
  • Highlights of our holotomographic approach on organelles live imaging
  • Tracking lipid droplets in 3D

Follow this link for more information about how label-free 3D live cell imaging technology changes cell metabolism research: https://www.nanolive.ch/cellular-metabolism-research/.

Mitochondria Dynamics

Video: On the top panel you can observe a time-lapse video of of pre-adipocytes imaged with the 3D Cell Explorer for 1 hour at a frequency of one image per five seconds (movie speed: 15fps). Objective magnification is 60x. On the bottom panels we progressively zoom into the cells to better appreciate all details of these interactions (2x = 120x; 4x = 240x; 8x = 480x).