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Therefore, we would like to know which cell biology application you think would profit the most from label-free live cell imaging!

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Each application shows one relevant video. Contest rules below.

1. 3D Cell Cultures

Fibroblast reticular cell seeded on glass nanopillars. More information here.

2. Cell Cycle Analysis

Label-free live cell imaging of Mesenchymal stem cells undergoing mitosis. More information here.

3. Cell organelles

Live Primary Human Keratinocytes showing mitochondria, lipid vesicles, nucleoli, nucleus, etc. More information here.

4. Cellular Metabolism Research

Live imaging of mouse pre-adipocytes for 48 hours. 1 image per minute. More information here.

5. Drug Discovery

Pulmonary arterial hypertension cell’s shape changes in real-time. More information here.

6. Endocytosis

E.coli phagocytosis by live human M1 Macrophages. More information here.

7. Host-Pathogen Interactions

Mouse macrophages infected with Listeria. More information here.

8. Immuno-Oncology

Activated T-cell killing a cancer cell. More information here.

9. Microbiology

E.coli embedded in alginate beads. More information here.

10. Model Organisms

Label-free live cell imaging of C.elegans. More information here.

11. Neuroscience

Rat hippocampal neurons in culture. More information here.

12. Sensitive cells (Stem cells and primary cells)

Long term live cell imaging of mouse Embryonic stem cells for 15 hours. More information here.

Contest Rules

Let us know which cell biology application you think would profit the most from label-free live cell imaging! You will be automatically added to the draw which will take place on December 11th.

All you have to do is enter your details below into the form, choose your favorite video and submit.


The competition prize is an Apple watch 5


The participation to this competition is reserved to researchers in the field of cell biology and drug discovery (you need a professional or an academic e-mail address to be able to apply)


No purchase is necessary to enter or win

Voting will close on December 10th, 2019
The winner will be notified on December 15th by email and with a dedicated communication on Nanolive’s website


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