Updates from the First American Cell Explorer in Harvard

Do you remember that first 3D Cell Explorer delivered to Harvard Med School last December? Well this blog post will be about it!

Monday morning, 7 am. What better way to wake up than an email from a good friend from Boston who’s enthusiastic to share with you the last progress obtained with his 3D Cell Explorer?

I will just copy his mail here:

“Thought you might enjoy my improvised cover for the cell explorer. Made it so that I don’t have to clean the lens that often.. it’s a napkin taped over the front and back openings.


And also: I produced A LOT of data the last months, I found 2 pictures here that could be quite nice. They are both 3D-culture grown A459 lung cancer cells, reseeded in a fluorodish.

Now I go to sleep, tomorrow I have another experimental run, 18 hrs of imaging 🙂

Cheers from Boston,