Two new live cell imaging publications with the 3D Cell Explorer

Nanolive is proud to announce two new publications supported by the 3D Cell Explorer. 

Live-stream characterization of cadmium-induced cell death using visible CdTe-QDs

Characterization of cell death currently requires the use of indirect markers, which has largely limited the ability to monitor cell death processes inside the cell. In this paper, Samira Filali & Alain Geloën characterize cell death mechanisms using cadmium telluride quantum dots (CdTe-QDs).

Using visible CdTe-QDs with mesenchymal cells (e.g. synoviocytes), live-stream imaging allowed for visualization of cadmium-induced cell death, combining characteristics of apoptosis and autophagy.

The 3D Cell Explorer was used to visualize the 3D morphologies of synoviocytes and localize of the QDs. In addition, the digital staining obtained through Nanolive’s software STEVE allowed to quantify the volume of QDs in synoviocytes after 24 hours of exposure.


Three-dimensional holographic and tomographic microscopy images of synoviocytes left untreated or treated with CFO-QDs or CdTe-QDs.

Please find the paper here

The second publication from the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague “Nanoparticles Based on Poly(trimethylene carbonate) Triblock Copolymers with Post-Crystallization Ability and Their Degradation in vitro” can be found here.

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