On this page you can find easy protocols and tutorials to explore life with the 3D Cell Explorer!

Nanolive aims to promote the use of the 3D Cell Explorer for education in order to give students, of all ages, the opportunity to engage in their own cell experiments and experiences – first-hand and exciting. The 3D Cell Explorer is easy to set-up, easy to use and provides comprehensive results: it is the perfect tool to allow students worldwide to finally study cells in a completely new and interactive way.

Explore the pond water

Did you know that there’s more than just fish in that water?  Take a closer look at life in a pond and check out what’s really going on using the 3D Cell Explorer.

Liver cell observation

The liver is the heaviest organ within the body and it serves several very important functions. During this experiment, the students will be able to isolate and observe the cells that make up this organ. 

3D Hologram Projector

Following a few simple steps, we were able to turn our smartphones into 3D hologram projectors displaying all of our results including the 4D video of our cells. We will help you build one, just follow the easy steps on our blog post

Learning Cell Biology

Using the Nanolive’s technology is truly easy. On this video tuturial we explain to a young student how to prepare a slide with his own cheek’s cells and explore them with the 3D Cell Explorer. Are you curious to see the results of this experiment? Have a look at them on our “Explore your cells” page!

Learn more about the 3D Cell Explorer

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