The first Canadian 3D Cell Explorer is up and running!!

“We’re very excited to have the 3D Cell Explorer in Ottawa! The instrument was extremely easy to set up; we plugged it in and started taking pictures immediately. I’m impressed with the amazing image resolution and the short acquisition time. We’re getting high quality images of many different cell types and samples- from live human and mouse cell lines in a culture dish to fixed cells mounted on a slide. We’re looking forward to testing the limits of the microscope and starting to do live cell imaging. Sheila”

These are the latest news from Dr. Bryan Lo lab at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute where our first Canadian microscopes arrived last week. Thanks Sheila for sharing your thoughts and these pictures with us. 

We hope you will have soon plenty of unprecedented and amazing results coming from our microscope. Good luck!

2 Nanolive

The 3D Cell Explorer’s new house at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

7 Nanolive

Our friend Sheila playing with her new 3D Cell Explorer

Alex glioblastoma 1 2d Alex glioblastoma 1 3d

One of the first results coming from the first Canadian 3D Cell Explorer: mouse glioblastoma cells