Take a tea break with Emma and discover how to quantify cell cytotoxicity in 96 WP format label-free

Our last live virtual event of 2021: a quick scientific tea break with Communication Specialist Dr. Emma Gibbin-Lameira, is now available on demand! Watch as Dr. Gibbin-Lameira presents a powerful cytotoxicity case study showing Nanolive’s unique live cell-based testing and high content analysis in 96-well plate.

Specifically, Dr. Gibbin-Lameira has shown that:

  • Multiplexed quantitative descriptors of cell morphology and composition at both the population (field of view) and single cell level can be combined with high spatio-temporal images to evaluate drug responses in parallel, over long periods of time
  • It is possible to quantify dose-response effects of drugs on living cells in a multi-well set-up where different concentrations and different drugs can be tested in parallel.

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Nanolive – our story

Nanolive – our story

Nanolive Nanolive delivers breakthrough imaging solutions that combine screening, imaging, and analysis to radically advance how scientists study living cells and provide novel biological insights into the mechanisms of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Our...