Summer School 2019 in “Practical Holotomographic Microscopy for Live Cell Imaging”

Nanolive is offering for a second time a summer school in  “Practical Holotomographic Microscopy for Live Cell Imaging” on the sunny shores of Lake Geneva in August 2019.

Join us and experience how you can use this powerful technology to interrogate your cells in a unique and data rich way.

The 2 ½ day course will cover both basic theory and hands on experience in live cell imaging and an introduction to imageJ using the revolutionary 3D Cell Explorer. The course is designed for anyone new to holotomographic microscopy, or wanting to learn more about non-perturbing live cell imaging, especially M.Sc./Ph.D. candidates, postdocs, honours project students and all imaging scientists.

The dates are:

Class A. 9am Monday 19th  August – 11.30am Wednesday 21st August

Class B. 9am Wednesday 21st  August  – 11.30am Friday 23rd  August  

Registration price is 500 Euro plus 7.7.% VAT and places are limited on a first come basis. Deadline for registration is June 30th. 

Lunch is included in the price, but travel, accommodation and other meals are at the expense of the attendee.

Register today by following the PayPal link below!

Label-free Live Cell Imaging: T-cells killing macrophage & macrophages eating macrophage


If you have any questions or cannot use PayPal, please write an email to

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