Revolutionizing lipid droplet analysis: insights from Nanolive’s Smart Lipid Droplet Assay Application Note

Introducing the Smart Lipid Droplet Assay: A breakthrough in label-free lipid droplet analysis

Discover the power of Nanolive’s Smart Lipid Droplet Assay (SLDA), the first smart digital assay to provide a push-button solution for analyzing lipid droplet dynamics, label-free, and with precision quantification. This application note unveils how the SLDA leverages a label-free approach for precise lipid droplet segmentation, offering unparalleled insights into lipid droplet dynamics with minimal sample perturbation, and delivers quantitative data that is critical for robust lipid droplet research. Dive into the future of lipid droplet research and unlock new possibilities for your studies with quantitative confidence.

Image generation workflow in Nanolive's Smart Lipid Droplet Assay LIVE, from refractive (RI) image to lipid droplets per cell segmentation
Image: SLDA segmentation workflow

From a refractive index (RI) image to obtaining the segmentation of lipid droplets per cell.

Case Studies from the SLDA Application Note

Explore in detail the comprehensive case studies presented in our application note to see how the high-content analysis capabilities of Nanolive’s SLDA transform research outcomes. Experience how this innovative tool empowers scientists to conduct nuanced, quantitative assessments of lipid droplet dynamics, providing critical insights into cellular health, aging, disease progression, and the efficacy of therapeutic agents in a relevant physiological context.

Case study 1: Quantifying signs of aging in human skin cells

Unraveling the impact of advanced glycation end products on lipid droplet dynamics. This research was conducted by cosmetic company, Mesoestetic.

Case study 2: Investigating lipid droplet dynamics during foam macrophage formation

A closer look at lipid droplet accumulation in macrophages and its implications for cardiovascular diseases, featuring research conducted by Dr. Branislav Radovic from the Medical University of Graz in Austria.

Case study 3: Examining lipid droplet dynamics in cancer cells

An in-depth examination at lipid droplet accumulation in macrophages and its implications for cardiovascular diseases. This research was conducted in collaboration with biopharmaceutical company, Amgen.

Case study 4: Dissecting lipid droplet biogenesis

Understanding the role of lipid droplets in cell metabolism and their formation under nutrient-rich vs. starved conditions.

In my career, with over 20 years of microscopy experience, I have seen many segmentation tools, but I can tell you this segmentation analysis provided by Nanolive is the best segmentation I have ever seen.

Dr. Jiansong Xie

Senior Scientis, Amgen

Key discoveries from Nanolive’s SLDA Application Note

  • The SLDA enables detailed quantitative analysis of the dynamic changes in shape and size that individual lipid droplets (LDs) undergo, especially after exposure to certain conditions such as advanced glycation end products (AGEs)​​.
  • Utilizing the high temporal resolution of label-free imaging, the SLDA can construct a precise timeline for LD accumulation, pinpointing the onset of these changes​​.
  • The SLDA facilitates the evaluation of new compound combinations, testing their potential to protect cells from damage, which is vital for the research and development in pharmaceutical companies​​.
  • Real-time capture of macrophage foam cell formation is possible with the SLDA, eliminating the need for fluorescent labels and providing a quantitative view of LD dynamic changes during this process​​.
  • VLDL-loading effects on LD morphology and content, such as area, perimeter, and compactness, can be quantitatively assessed, increasing the complexity of single cells and informing studies related to coronary artery disease​​.
  • With the ability to deliver 39 metrics across individual LDs, individual cells, and LDs per cell, the SLDA enables comprehensive data analysis that can reveal metabolic heterogeneity—a characteristic feature in cancer and other diseases​​.
  • The SLDA‘s high temporal resolution allows researchers to determine the exact timing of LD accumulation at the cellular level, providing insights into biological processes and aiding in the understanding of disease mechanisms​​.

Gain a deeper understanding and add a new dimension to your research with the in-depth information provided in our application note. Explore Nanolive’s Smart Lipid Droplet Assay capabilities and discover how its precise insights can enhance your lipid droplet research—offering meticulous quantification and interpretation of lipid droplet dynamics within cells. Access the full application note now and integrate this advanced lipid droplet analysis into your scientific investigations for a clearer understanding of cellular lipid metabolism.

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