Incorporate 3D Holotomographic cell imaging into your undergraduate cell biology course

Nanolive is offering a free, 6 month loan (September 2018 – March 2019) of a standard 3D Cell Explorer holotomographic microscope for undergraduate teaching. Visit our page to learn about the 3D Cell Explorer:

The 3D Cell Explorer for Higher Education

Change the way you teach cell biology and show your students how living cells really are: in 3D and in motion, without the need for toxic and expensive reagents. The 3D Cell Explorer lets you investigate living cells (bacteria, yeast, protozoa, mammalian) and tissues in real-time and in 3D.

Nanolive’s holotomographic system is a powerful and easy solution to analyze the 3D Refractive Index signature of cells based on the density of their inner structures.

Get more information about the 3D Cell Explorer for higher education here:

Apply today!

In order to qualify for consideration please submit the following by June 20th to

  1. Name, email address and phone number of course / module leader and main contact
  2. Department address for delivery
  3. Name of cell biology course / module unit would be used in
  4. Class size
  5. Number of practical lessons the 3D Cell Explorer will be used in
  6. Cell types to be examined
  7. Cell biology / structures you wish to use the 3D Cell Explorer to demonstrate to the class
  8. Any other specific reasons you would like to use the 3D Cell Explore in your undergraduate teaching

We will consider all applications and make a decision based on the scientific / education value of the proposed use, factoring the extent of proposed use and number of students who would benefit.

The successful department must agree to letting Nanolive representatives attend at least one of the undergraduate practical sessions, and to be able to use images and feedback as promotional materials for our website.

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